Quarren Soldier - TLC - Basic (BD 15)

Added: June 21st 2009
Category: Legacy Collection, The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Name: Quarren Soldier
Collection: The Legacy Collection
Number: BD 15
Source: Clone Wars (Volume 1: Chapter 5)
Availability: August 2008
License: Hasbro

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The Quarren launch an undersea attack on the Mon Calamari. Supported by the Separatists, the Quarren swell their ranks with battle droids, but encounter strong opposition when Kit Fisto and his clone troopers come to the aid of the Mon Calamari.

If one thing is definite with Hasbro, it's that someone there tends to favor Quarrens (at least during 2008), but not just because of their frequent figure releases of this species, but how well they have translated their characteristics into action figure form. Quarren Soldier is an excellent all-new sculpt that fully interprets the animated version into a realistic three dimensional action figure. Loaded with detail that absolutely supersedes our own expectations, the Quarren Soldier possesses a decent amount of articulation that make him an "almost" super-articulated action figure. While complete super-articulation would have been gravy, this character really only needs what he has been given to be an imposing foe for your Mon Calamari dioramas. His effective pupil-less eyes bring home the fact that he is not to be messed with and that he will conquer what he needs to in order to overthrown the Mon Calamari people. His coloring, limbs, chest and portrait are flawlessly sculpted and colored with exacting standards. His strong physique looks extremely foreboding and clearly appears as if he would be someone you would not want to battle. His musculature and prowess is stunning and it is amazing that the Clone SCUBA Troopers alongside the Mon Calamari Warriors were indeed able to defeat them. Quarren Soldier looks like a character right out of mermaid mythology and he is ultimately at home in a water environment based on his loincloth alone. He is also outfitted with a trident and knife, perfect for attacking the Mon Calamari Warriors. The Quarren are not a peaceful species and their weapons match their controlling and violent actions to exert control over their shared homeland. As with most Quarrens, he has piercing aqua eyes that look quite stunning to the point of almost glowing (as they always seem to do) and he really is a beautiful action figure all around. Hasbro did very well on this action figure and he will be a staple to your Tartakovsky based collection of action figures. We are impressed with how the Quarren Solider has a lean, but very muscular build because it makes him come across as completely threatening to the meek and peaceful Mon Calamari species.

Interestingly, wave 2 of The Legacy Collection focused on many of the characters seen in Volume 1: Chapter 4 of the micro animated series Clone Wars (by Gendy Tartakovsky). In that wave alone, we received the Clone SCUBA Trooper, Mon Calamari Warrior, and this figure. Part of The Quarren Isolation League, this action figure’s coloring is perfect (and we absolutely perfect) and has multiple washes that highlight his skin’s texture and all the other details and makes it looks very realistic and authentic that he is a true living species. We have seen the Quarren species throughout so many parts of the Star Wars saga and Hasbro has remained faithful to the species appearance as we have seen it for the most part. In fact, this Quarren Soldier looks to be a direct ascendant of Tessek. Hasbro could probably easily use the portrait on this figure to update a new Tessek action figure. (Although, we feel that the 2001 POTJ Tessek figure is nearly blemish free.) On top of being part of a fan favorite section of Star Wars history (Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars), Quarren Soldier has a VERY familiar Star Wars look because of his appearance in Episode VI as well as the Prequel Trilogy. And kudos to Hasbro for designing the action figure so well that it reaffirms this familiarity. Quarren Soldier is designed so well and we hope that fans and collectors alike are having the opportunity to take advantage of this awesome action figure. And there are so many additional details that make this figure even more impressive. The bluish gray belt with silver accents is a beautiful and very noticeable detail on this action figure. His gear looks threatening and when held against the bare parts of his body, they reinforce this mermaid-like feel to a brand new story. We also want to point out what a joy it is to see such well-crafted weaponry. The trident can be held in his hand perfectly and the knife is a stunning sculpt that also can be held quite well and they have been sculpted from a stiffer plastic than what we have seen before for staffs and guns.

He has a sheath underneath his soft-goods skirt to hold the included knife when it's not being used. We love when Hasbro includes these not immediately noticeable “hiding spots” on our action figures. Concealed weapons can be cool for a collector and action figure enthusiast! As with any action figure based on characters from the original Clone Wars, this figure has been a great seller for the most part. The wave that he is part of shipped very heavily and figures from it have been found for months after the original arrival to retail. But this shouldn’t cloud your judgment on how awesome the figure is. But we assume that you will most likely not experience any difficulty picking this figure up. But no matter the level of difficulty or availability, we highly recommend getting him so that you can start enjoying him as soon as you can. He is by far one of the obvious best action figures The Legacy Collection will see and he will no doubt standout as one of the best in the Tartakovsky based action figures of all time. Because Hasbro got him right the first (and only) time, the Quarren Soldier will likely never see a revisit (at least any time soon). This is your chance to pick him up and he is worthy of your purchase. There are simply no ifs, ands, ors, or buts about it! This figure has the staying power to make an important impact on the action figure line and is an axiom of how Hasbro should approach future Quarren species action figures. When Hasbro delivers a stellar product like the Quarren Soldier, we like to do our best to make a big stink about it. We think we have succeeded. But we hope you allow the action figure to succeed also by adding it into your collections. Fans who don't collect outside of the films will certainly miss a phenomenal action figure by passing this one by. But we hope our opinions will offer you the opportunity to at least consider the magnificence of this figure. It has a magic and style of its own that is indeed unique and special. And we hope that this figure has the magic to pique interest in fans and collectors that would normally look the other way. Quarren Soldier easily rivals the craftsmanship of some of the best movie-based action figures we have ever seen. We hope you believe us!

Collector Notes

Quarren Soldier

Status: Quarren Soldier is an all-new figure.

Articulation Count: 18 points (12 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: ball-socket head (1), ball-jointed left shoulder (2), ball-jointed right shoulder (2), ball-jointed left elbow (2), ball-jointed right elbow (2), swivel left wrist (1), swivel right wrist (1), swivel waist (1), swivel left hip (1), swivel right hip (1), ball-jointed left ankle (2), ball-jointed right ankle (2)

Accessory Count: 2

Accessory Details: trident, knife

Original Droid Factory/Build A Droid Part: R7-T1 dome/third leg

Date Stamp: 2008

Assortment Number:87615/87535

UPC: 653569313182

Retail: $7.99 USD

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Quarren Soldier

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