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Added: June 26th 2009
Category: Legacy Collection, The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison

Name: R4-D6
Collection: The Legacy Collection
Number: N/A
Source: A New Hope
Availability: July 2008
License: Hasbro

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Action figures based on Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope have gotten a lot of attention in The Legacy Collection from both figures in the basic line and other platforms like Battle Packs. Actually, the highest percentage of figures from The Legacy Collection comes from Episode IV. And when droids from Episode IV get the action figure treatment, it tends to be an ever more exciting thing. While we don’t know why this is, we do know that collectors love droids and we can never seem to get enough of them. And that is why the Droid Factory/Build A Droid pack-in premium will be the best Hasbro pack-in of all time. We will conclusively state that Hasbro will NOT be able to make a better premium for us period. And even when a droid like R4-D6 creates so much confusion, fans don’t care because it is still another added droid. R4-D6 is a droid that has been documented to have two different names. Well, the same movie prop was used two different times with the intention of being two different droids to be clear. According to almost all the research we could find, the same droid prop was used for both R4-D6 (as seen on Yavin in the still in the background centered between Han Solo and Luke Skywalker) and R4-I9 (as seen on the Death Star). Although they are clearly two different droid characters, they have been mistaken as two distinct droids in the film. In a 2003 Star Wars "Saga" [Phase II] Imperial Forces Toys R Us exclusive multipack, we received a black and silver R4-I9 figure. But little did we know that in 2008 we were going to discover that its coloring was incorrect. R4-I9 actually should have been colored dark navy blue and not black. Hasbro had a chance to get this right when R4-I9 was reissued as 2007's TAC R4-I9 Saga Legends figure with no changes at all (perhaps better paint operations). Hasbro got one more chance with the Build A Droid line and finally got the coloring right. R4-D6's color can clearly be seen as navy blue in Episode IV, so this is what we're going with as the droid's true color.

So now that we have the technicalities ironed out (we hope), let us rave about the figure! R4-D6 is an awesome and wonderful droid to have in our Star Wars action figure collections. And even though it was the first Build A Droid figure, it hasn't lost any of its luster and remains one of our favorites. It is light years better and a fabulous upgrade than the old R4-I9 figure and it is extremely cool to get a very modern and perfected version of the R4 body after such a long period of time. It was a great thing to get the old R4 units back in the day, but they all came without their leg wires and had too thin of a body and were not in scale with the other astromech droids. While some many consider the Build A Droid figures not to be true basic figures, we do and they are more than acceptable replacements to the older figures. And Hasbro hasn’t held back on the paint applications and other fine details. For example, R4-D6 is cast in such a deep navy blue, it does indeed look black in certain low lights, but there is a metallic sparkle in the paint which is completely unexpected, but we love it. This could also explain why Hasbro thought it was black in their first attempt. Their use of this sparkly dark blue was very clever and makes the droid look very authentic. Thanks to the Special Editions, we have gotten better color prints of the films so a lot of these errors have the chance to be corrected. R4-D6 has silver detailing that catches whatever light is hitting it and makes the figure literally glisten. Also, these silver details have distinct variation and range from thick and bold to thin and hair-like and these differences and details add a whole new level of attention specific re-creation. The figure also has brown “foot” hoses on its two main legs and the color contrasts nicely with the rest of the droid. It is very interesting that the droid isn’t boring being that is a almost a solid navy blue color. R4-D6 is an exceptionally designed and colored R4 unit and it doesn’t look like a figure that was assembled from multiple parts. We are certain that you will rave over R4-D6 too.

As the opening act of the Build A Droid series in the basic figure line, R4-D6 offers promising things to collectors. It seems as if we are going to get a nice little sub-line of awesome droids that are well made and well decorated. And hopefully the next Build A Droid figure won’t be as confusing as R4-D6 is. Until other proof is found to contradict that R4-D6 and R4-I9 are the same droid, we will have to stick to our original thoughts and hypotheses. But regardless if that 'prop' has two names for two different scenes in Episode IV, it is nonetheless a must-have for your personal collection. If we had to be picky about anything, we would wish that the astromech Build A Droid figures came with two little "plugs" for the spots on the body where the holes are for the extra universal attachments (if you so choose to use them). It leaves the figure looking a tad bit unfinished, but our criticism is based on our wish that “plugs” would improve the aesthetics of the figure. It seems like it would be a very simple add on or fix. We are not sure of the collective opinion of these unnecessary holes. We honestly do not like them and we are curious to know why Hasbro decided to include them on the Build A Droid astromechs. Hasbro claims it was for extra play value, but we think it looks a little bit messy. But be prepared, all the Build A Droid figures will have them. For those who are not that creative with their Build A Droid parts (like us for example), it would be nice to camouflage those gaping holes with some nifty convention. Hasbro, are you reading this? If so, please heed this request! But despite the astromech "hole issues," R4-D6 will indeed remain one of the best astromech Build A Droid figures we have gotten in the blue phase of The Legacy Collection. Oh, and R4-D6 looks phenomenal if you set it up to the Scramble On Yavin Battle Packs set. Try it, you’ll be thrilled just like we are.

Collector Notes


Status: R4-D6 is an all-new figure that utilizes the R4-series astromech Build A Droid sculpt. It can be built by collecting the following figures:

Han Solo (BD 1) – R4-D6 left leg

Luke Skywalker (BD 2) – R4-D6 right leg

Chewbacca (BD 3) – R4-D6 dome/third leg

Leektar & Nippet (BD 4) – R4-D6 body

Commander Gree (GH 1) – R4-D6 left leg

Kashyyyk Trooper (GH 2) – R4-D6 right leg

Battle-Damaged Darth Vader (GH 3) – R4-D6 dome/third leg

Imperial EVO Trooper (GH 4) – R4-D6 body

Articulation Count: 8 points (8 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: swivel dome (1), swivel left leg (1), swivel right leg (1), hinge-jointed left foot (1), hinge-jointed right foot (1), left leg rolling wheel (1), right leg rolling wheel (1), third leg rolling wheel (1)

Accessory Count: None

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 2008

Assortment Number: None

UPC: None

Retail: $0.00 USD

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The Legacy Collection Wave 1

Han Solo (BD 1)

Luke Skywalker (BD 2)

Chewbacca (BD 3)

Leektar & Nippet (BD 4)

Ak-rev (BD 5)

Yarna d'al' Gargan (BD 6)

Bane Malar (BD 7)

Darth Vader (BD 8)

R4-D6 (Build A Droid)

R7-Z0 (Build A Droid)

The Legacy Collection Greatest Hits

Commander Gree (GH 1) (See TAC 08 03)

Kashyyyk Trooper (GH 2) (See TAC 08 04)

Battle-Damaged Darth Vader (GH 3) (See TAC 08 12)

Imperial EVO Trooper (GH 4) (See TAC 08 09)

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