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Rogue One

Darth Vader - RO - 12-Inch Figures

Name: Darth Vader
Collection: Rogue One
Number: N/A
Scale: 12-Inch Figures
Source: Rogue One
Availability: September 2016
License: Hasbro

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Destined to bring balance to the Force, Anakin Skywalker feel to the dark side and arose as Darth Vader.

Hasbro is certainly making the most of their 2013 SW [DV/ROTS] Darth Vader 12-Inch Figure sculpt. They’re flip-flopping between his Episode V and Episode IV likeness, but try as they might, they just cannot get this figure to be completely screen accurate no matter what they do. The differences between all of the Darth Vader costumes gets exhausting to itemize over and over again. But between differently colored details on the chest box to whether the robes go under or over the chest armor, the Darth Vader 12-Inch Figure in the Star Wars toy line just hasn’t delivered the quality product it should have to Star Wars collectors of all ages. For the Rogue One line, Hasbro has opted to re-release the version of Darth Vader that they released in The Force Awakens line. This particular version of Darth Vader is base on his A New Hope/Rogue One appearance. And because this is the Rogue One line, we feel pretty good with the idea that this figure is intended to support Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With red and green lights on the chest box and an inferior soft-goods cape, Darth Vader hasn’t aged any better since his original release in 2013. So it is perplexing to us that Hasbro consistently releases it in each new line look.

This Darth Vader figure is tired and should be put to bed for good now. As you know, Darth Vader was one of the first “shampoo bottles” Hasbro ever produced, and they didn’t have the template perfected. Darth Vader is much too lanky, comes with a poorly cut soft-goods cape and has a lightsaber hilt permanently affixed to his right hand. Oh, and the plastic used to cast him is much too shiny. It’s ridiculous how much he glistens in the littlest bit of light. Despite the lackluster appeal of this 12-Inch Figure, it was wonderful seeing Darth Vader once again in action in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. One would think that Hasbro would have tooled an all-new version of Darth Vader to make him more relevant to the modern era, especially since so many of the newer 12-Inch Figures look infinitely better by comparison. This 12-Inch Figure of him is no longer working. It’s time to tool an all-new figure from here on out. Darth Vader comes with the same seven (7) points of articulation as he always has. Movement like this doesn’t do much to help you pose the figure meaningfully. We cannot stand that the hilt of the lightsaber is permanently affixed to his right hand. The blade, however, is removable, so you get options here.

While Hasbro added swivel wrist movement to this sculpt, Darth Vader still only comes with a swivel head, two swivel shoulders and two swivel hips which again does very little for the kid or collector. Besides, the arms hang so closely to the body that the range of movement of them is greatly inhibited. The good news is that the swivel wrists do help to allow you to pose the lightsaber in some optional ways, but it’s still not ideal. Darth Vader also comes with a poor quality cut soft-goods cape. It’s essentially a felt triangle that is permanently attached to the figure. With a little patience, you can attain a rather believable drape with it, but it looks cheap, and no consideration was made to make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Darth Vader has been cast in a very cheap plastic that is much too shiny for his good. It’s a shame that Hasbro decided to reissue this figure when they’re making better figures currently. When fully displayed, at first glance Darth Vader may not look that bad to you. But we can assure you that unfortunate sacrifices have been made to keep this figure within Hasbro’s tooling budget and subsequent MSRP of less than $10. And for all intents and purposes, that’s exactly what you’re getting here.

Collector Notes

Darth Vader

Status: Darth Vader is a straight repack of 2015's TFA Darth Vader 12-Inch Figure.

Articulation Count: 7 points (7 areas of articulation)

Articulation Details: swivel head (1), swivel left shoulder (1), swivel right shoulder (1), swivel left wrist (1), swivel right wrist (1), swivel left hip (1), swivel right hip (1)

Accessory Count: 1

Accessory Details: lightsaber blade

Date Stamp: N/A

Assortment Number: C0095/B3908

UPC: 630509487127

Retail: $9.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: January 1, 2018
Category: Rogue One
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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