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The Power Of The Force “2” [Freeze Frame/The Kenner Collection]

Freeze Frame Action Slides Holder - POTF2 [FF/TKC] - Miscellaneous

Name: Freeze Frame Action Slides Holder
Collection: The Power Of The Force "2" [Freeze Frame/The Kenner Collection]
Number: N/A (Mail-Away Exclusive)
Source: N/A
Availability: January 1998
License: Hasbro

Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC001 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC002 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC003 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC004
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC005 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC006 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC007 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC008
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC009 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC010 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC011 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC012
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC013 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC014 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC015 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC016
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC017 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC018 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC019 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC020
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC021 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC022 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC023 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC024
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC025 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC026 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC027 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC028
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC029 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC030 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC031 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC032
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC033 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC034 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC035 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC036
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC037 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC038 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC039 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC040
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC041 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC042 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC043 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC044
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC045 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC046 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC047 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC048
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC049 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC050 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC051 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC052
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC053 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC054 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC055 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC056
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC057 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC058 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC059 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC060
Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC061 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC062 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC063 Review_FreezeFrameActionSlidesHolderPOTF2FFTKC064

The first mail-away offer for 1998 in The Power Of The Force “2” [Freeze Frame/The Kenner Collection] line was the Freeze Frame Action Slides Holder. It didn’t cost collectors a thing, and in return for following the directions on the back of the card, Kenner/Hasbro sent you a holder for the many Freeze Frame Action Slides that served as pack-in premiums for the basic figures line. The only issue was that each Freeze Frame Action Slides Holder has 12 spots for the slides. With a line of almost 60 slides, collectors needed at least five to find a home for every last one. Of particular note, eagle-eyed collectors may notice that Ponda Baba is listed in the Collection 3 section of the checklist. The figure was cancelled and quickly replaced with Princess Leia Organa (In Hoth Gear) which ended up becoming a exclusive, ironically. Displaying the artwork from the 1998 line look, the plastic booklet holder has 12 separate spots. The fit for each slide is tight, and some collectors have commented that the film portion of the slides bow and bend over time. So keep an eye on them. Overall, both the Slide Viewer and Holder are the perfect complements to these pack-in premiums. To help make the gallery for this item a little more interesting, we also added images of all 59 slides, including the variation of R2-D2, and the two pack-in slides that came with Slide Viewer. The Freeze Frame Action Slide line was the best of The Power Of The Force “2” era. It’s a shame it didn’t last a full year.

Collector Notes

Freeze Frame Action Slides Holder

Status: Freeze Frame Action Slides Holder is an all-new item.

Features Count: None

Feature Details: None

Accessory Count: None

Accessory Details: None

Date Stamp: 1998

Assortment Number: 84032


Retail: $0.00 USD

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The Power Of The Force "2" [Freeze Frame/The Kenner Collection]

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