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Premium Format Figures

Darth Talon - Premium Format Figures

Name: Darth Talon
Number: Item #3000141
Edition Size: 650 (Exclusive) 1500 (Regular)
Scale: Premium Format Figures
Source: Expanded Universe (Star Wars: Legacy)
Availability: July 2010
License: Sideshow Collectibles

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A Lethan Twi'lek from the ranks of Darth Krayt's One Sith, Darth Talon's crimson skin is marked with the signature black tattoos of the Sith. The female Sith Lord earned each mark in ritual combat, imprinted by Darth Krayt himself. Her loyalty to Krayt is unrelenting, and she follows every word of her master without question. Seeing her faithfulness, Darth Krayt appointed Darth Talon as one of his Hands, trusting her to carry out his most important tasks.

So is it possible that the artisans at Sideshow Collectibles have outdone themselves in the Premium Format Figures line with the release of Darth Talon? The answer is yes. Just when we thought they brought sexy back with the Slave Leia Premium Format Figure released in 2009, Darth Talon puts sexy on a whole other atmospheric layer. And while we tend to rave about how the latest Premium Format Figure is better than the next, it couldn’t be truer than in this case. This is a comment that comes from a group of people who favor the films over the Expanded Universe in any collectible format, so it should be quite meaningful. If you are a fan of Star Wars: Legacy and you collect high-end collectibles, then you are in for a real treat with the Darth Talon Premium Format Figure. It is so well done it actually makes us envious that some of the Original Trilogy figures didn’t get this same treatment. But Darth Talon is certainly a character that definitely deserves premium treatment. Blending Zabrak tattoos and the Twi’lek species was advantageous for the creators who designed Talon, but it worked unbelievably well and has made Darth Talon a formidable Sith foe that fans have embraced tightly. And we venture to guess that this Darth Talon Premium Format Figure will be fighting off the firm grasps of fan boys everywhere. It is that good of a figure. The Sideshow Exclusive AND Regular editions sold out almost immediately and has become a bear to find and pay on the aftermarket since. (We recommend holding out for the Sideshoe Exclusive version and we will get to why in a moment.) Darth Talon is definitely worth your consideration to add her into your collections. We aren’t the most adept when it comes to the Expanded Universe, but Darth Talon is a collectible that we can truly appreciate due to how well Sideshow has designed her. In fact, it makes us want to learn a whole lot more about her.

Sideshow Collectibles really went all out and created a very realistic skin tone. If you own the Darth Maul Premium Format Figure, you know that his skin color is pretty much solid red. There isn’t any texture or shadowing and it actually makes him look a little too synthetic (ironically). All that has changed for this Sith Lord as Sideshow has developed a very unique mixture of lighter and darker red and accented them with subtle oranges yet have ensured that they all flow smoothly together. There aren’t any interruptions of color, yet you can tell that Sideshow has used a generous palette of color. And light picks up the various smooth color mixture in stunning detail. The beautiful red skin tone is only then enhanced by meticulous black tattoo detail. For something that is hand painted, the patterns are exquisitely painted on and we couldn’t be more impressed with how the production sample turned out. Darth Talon looks as good if not better than the prototype seen on Sideshow’s website. This is difficult to achieve so they really deserve the highest praise in getting it right. Darth Talon has an extremely sexy silhouette. She isn’t thin. She is full of curves and definitely has some meat on her bones. She looks like Xena in comparison to the Slave Leia Premium Format Figure (and this is a major compliment) and her frame and height are significantly larger and taller. Both her stance and head tails are in the slightest action pose and it is the perfect “animation” this Premium Format Figure needed. Her legs have a slightly bizarre lean yet her body is erect, so it works well here. She isn’t wearing much, but every part of her costume is just amazingly crafted. Her bikini is real material similar to spandex and the front of it has long tails hanging down the front that has wiring sewn in so you can also pose them any which way you want. The details on the boots and gloves (with spiky fingertips) are just jaw-dropping. They are beautifully aged with a stupendous paint job and complete her perfectly (even though we think the elements are a little too gothic in style at times).

Darth Talon comes with one arm that is holding a lit lightsaber. It has a hilt that is copied perfectly from the one we see in the comics. And there is a “rock” on the base that you can push down to ignite the lightsaber. We aren’t big fans at all of electronics in these museum quality pieces. We actually think the effects aren’t impressive enough to warrant including them. In fact, we think they almost cheapen the quality quite a bit. We would have much rather seen her just holding her lightsaber hilt. But we digress. The base is primarily on a dark reddish or orangey brown rocky terrain and it is a nice complement to her character. For the exclusive collector, Sideshow has provided you with a soft-goods removable cape and hood (all one piece). It is made from a stiffer polyester but has a drape that looks like is as soft as can be. It enshrouds Darth Talon awesomely and hugs her athletic frame like a charm. The cape can be tied to her with two cords that are immediately reminiscent of drapery tiebacks. They are beautifully made and add a lot more to this exclusive accessory than you may think. The hood is large and you would initially believe that it could cover her large head tails, but it is instead meant to hang down her back due to the flyaway style those head tails are sculpted. It just looks fantastic. There is no other way to put it. Sideshow has also been upping their game when it comes to designing the bottoms of the figure bases. There is a multicolor sketch of Darth Talon on the bottom of the base where the individual product number can be found. It is a nice enhancement to an already stunning Star Wars product. If you are a Darth Talon fan and you don’t collect Premium Format Figures, we suggest making this an exception. Darth Talon Premium Format Figure is quite a sight to behold and she is easily one of our favorites in Sideshow’s ever-growing line.

Collector Notes

Darth Talon

Status: The Darth Talon Premium Format figure captures every stunning detail of the Twi'lek Sith Lord. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure. The striking and boldly colored figure is cast in high quality polystone, and complete with hand-painted detailing. The Darth Talon Premium Format figure is an outstanding addition to any Star Wars collection, the perfect centerpiece to any display.

Announcement: The Darth Talon Premium Format Figure was announced with a sneak peek teaser video on October 27, 2009.

Pre-order Information: The Darth Talon Premium Format Figure went up for pre-order on October 30, 2009.

Articulation: N/A

Assembly: 5 parts

Assembly Details: Darth Talon figure, removable portrait, removable left arm, removable right arm holding lightsaber, environmental display base

Sideshow Exclusive: Removable cape for alternate display

Date Stamp: 2010

UPC: 747720213296

Retail: $279.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: August 2, 2010
Category: Premium Format Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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