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The Vintage Collection

Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle) - TVC - Vehicles (Exclusive)

Name: Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle)
Collection: The Vintage Collection
Number: N/A (Vehicle)
Source: Return Of The Jedi
Availability: July 2011
License: Hasbro

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While the debut of The Vintage Collection encouraged collectors that Hasbro was heading in the right direction of our very protective toy line, some of their decisions still confused us. Our minds started wandering wondering if or when Hasbro would include more vehicles in The Vintage Collection line look (i.e. classic packaging). There were some surprising twists and turns but it seems that Hasbro is once again focused on the collectors again. Any product outside of the basic figure line was apparently met with great trepidation by Hasbro and we only saw a few vehicle get the remarkable “vintage” packaging. 2011 is looking up and a number of The Vintage Collection products will be seeing the classic packaging instead of the modern line look. Along with the great packaging comes a great vehicle that we’ve seen before, but not exactly like this. Hasbro releases the Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle) (as a Toys R Us exclusive for the third time) with two less figures and a thirty-three and one third percent markup. It may sound like we’re getting critical, but please don’t let us mislead you. The latest iteration of the Y-wing is fantastic and for the first time specific to Return Of The Jedi. (The 1999 POTF2 version was A New Hope specific, the 2004 OTC version was from the Expanded Universe, the 2007 TAC version was also based on the ones seen in A New Hope.) To date, this makes the fourth modern release of this vehicle. (The first modern version was a TARGET exclusive.)

So what further updates did Hasbro make to The Vintage Collection Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle)? Largely based on the 2007 TAC version, Hasbro has made even further enhancements to it and these upgrades do so much for the already well designed vehicle. First and foremost the vehicle has an all-new cockpit. Whatever pilot you choose to put in it now has handles to hold on to so hopefully he or she can steer it better now. We love the targeting computer feature that pulls away from the back of the cockpit and can be placed in front of the pilot’s view for missile firing precision! The interior is colorful and you can see some sort of crosshairs image on the monitor. There is an amazing amount of detail in this small space. This is important to acknowledge because Hasbro could have easily let this go so we are grateful to them for making this vehicle extra special in this way. Another update which vastly improves the aesthetics of the vehicle are two new circular “plugs” right behind the droid socket (also newly tooled (or re-retooled?) to house a full-size 3.75” astromech again) to cover the screw holes that are present on every previous version. You’ll have to see this is person to truly appreciate how an already excellent vehicle becomes “excellenter”. As you can probably imagine, the electronics are still absent, but we think that is fine. It’s just something to break down the road were it present.

The paint job on The Vintage Collection Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle) is supposed to be specific to Return Of The Jedi. We’re sure it is, but it is extremely hard to see the Y-wing fighters in their entirety in Episode VI. Besides, they are moving at great speeds and it’s just hard in general to make out all of the fine details anyhow. The red color used to decorate the vehicle is something we would refer to as “R5-D4 red”. It’s a very visible color and it dresses up the ship beautifully. And there are other paint applications to enjoy as well. (We particularly love the gray camouflage “tattoo” on the left front of the Y-wing. It gives the ship some cool character.) Things missing from this vehicle are a pilot and a corresponding R2 or R5 unit. But the option to have an empty droid socket offers you the opportunity to choose whatever astromech droid you’d like is much more beneficial in our opinion. But it certainly is nice to get a new droid whenever possible. It’s just not the situation here. The vehicle is simply but wonderfully painted (it could use a little bit more battle-damage in spots) but we still think this is the best Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle) to date. And with the glorious and stunning The Vintage Collection packaging, what else more would you ever want? Never mind, don’t answer that question please.

Collector Notes

Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle)

Status: Y-wing Fighter (Vehicle) is a retool (amongst many others things) of 1999's POTF2 Y-wing Fighter (TARGET exclusive).

Articulation Count: 7 points

Articulation Details: double swivel canopy canon, hinged cockpit door, swivel front leg landing gear, 2 sliding back landing gear feet (via action feature), "bomb dropping" action feature

Accessory Count: 11

Accessory Details: bomb, 8 removable support pylons, 2 removable disk vectrals

Date Stamp: 1999

Assortment Number: 33270

UPC: 653569650331

Retail: $39.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

The Vintage Collection
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Added: July 23, 2011
Category: Vintage Collection, The
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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