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Toy Fair 2014: Your Questions To Hasbro Answered: Part IV

Posted by Paul | February 20, 2014 at 09:12 AM ET

Here is the final Part IV of our Hasbro Q and A! Our disclaimer: There could be misspellings, formatting issues and possibly a few other mistakes of which I will edit over time, so I ask for your patience. Please enjoy as we shed some additional light on what is happening with the Hasbro Star Wars line. Click through for more!


Q: B.A.D. mold C-3PO has to be announced soon... right? Just as a single carded figure is fine. Please make this. It's such an easy repaint for you and most of us want it B-A-D (get it? pun intended).

A: No plans. We would love to reuse the 3PO series BAD again however.

Q: Wampa... where is it? Is a new one coming??

A: A new wampa in any scale would be a wonderful thing wouldn't it?

Q: Are we finally done with Jedi Starfighters? It's those ships, along with Podracers that doomed the mid size vehicles line. Please tell us these are a thing of the past...

A: I forgot to ask this question, sorry.

Q: For a while, collectors have been begging for universal head pegs on figures. It looks like this easily could have been done with most of the 5POA figures. Was this considered at all? It would have made these figures more attractive for a lot of collectors who are passing this line over.

A: It also would have raised the price of a line that Hasbro is trying to keep as a budget line.

Q: How about you reissue the Legacy Dewback, with a new head! One that has mouth that can open and close. Thoughts? All you need to do is make a new head.

A: No plans.

Q: How is it that the Black Series Stormtroopers have so many copies of the figure where the black paint applications on the helmet is sloppy looking, while the TVC and B.A.D. "dirty Sandtrooper" is painted so much better?

A: Hasbro admits that the paint masks on some figures needed better calibration and they worked to get that corrected. (Editor's Note: I don't know if that's because of new factories being used or just if the process was hampered by poor programming or however it's done.)

Q: Please make [TVC] come back as regular TVC and Original POTF cards with coins.

A: Hasbro wants to revisit TVC again and are completely open to the idea of releasing them with coins for the future.

Q: 6 inch- change the packaging to TVC style if possible, Make 2 packs like a R2D2 and R5D4 droids sale pack or even a 3 pack limited edition or previously mentioned droids with see-threepio.

A: Hasbro won't change the 6" line to look like TVC. It's it's own unique brand. Two-packs are unlikely unless there is one that makes sense for the Deluxe line, but none have been considered at all.

Q: Do another run of Slave 1 TVC for those who missed it and don't want to pay scalp market prices.

A: Hasbro didn't seem to be aware of a need for another run of these but they did say they would make a mental note of this and see if one is warranted.

Q: Will there be mail ins like the recent TVC Bobas?

A: None are planned.

Q: Will there be better case assortments, for brick and mortar stores and online retailers that sell to collectors...or would online retailers be able to build their own box?

A: Yes. And no. Case assortments are determined in house.

Q: Another regular build a droid line would be nice... maybe to replace the Black series as originally intended..i would buy into that.

A: Hasbro would love to revisit Build A Droid.

Q: Is Hasbro still planning on posing the 6" Black Series figures in the package?
Wave 1 started off great with Luke X-wing holding his helm and the Sandtrooper holding his blaster, R2 you can't do much with, and Maul's pose was understandably hindered by his cloak. Wave 2, and wave 3 have gone back to plain, arms at the side, un-posed figures.

A: I can't remember what Hasbro said and I am unable to read my handwriting next to this question. Sorry.

Q: Concerning the Saga Legends/Mission Series lines, will you be pursuing more Original Trilogy troopers such as more Imperials and even some Rebel Troopers or are the Stormtrooper and the Snowtrooper the only OT troopers you will be doing in the Saga Legends/Mission Series lines?

A: There will be more figures in all lines to complement the Star Wars: Rebels line. More info at SDCC.

Q: Is there any chance that repaint variants of the new Saga Legends Stormtrooper will make it into the regular line? (Potential repaints include: Shadow Stormtroopers, Stormtrooper Commanders, Phasing Stormtroopers,Black and Yellow Stormtroopers (based on the Kenner prototype), Magma Stormtroopers, and/or Incinerator Stormtroopers.) Also, are there any plans to release Field Stormtroopers with red or yellow pauldrons in the Black Series or future Vintage line? Thanks.

A: Stormtroopers that are generally from the EU won't be tackled, but if a design appears in Rebels, anything is possible.

Q: Why has there been so few releases of obi-wan characters over the past 2 years ... Just kidding.. a lot of figures were lost in the past 2 years due to poor distribution, i would love to get a shot at buying them again.

A: JTA answers this question: you saw our rumor report come true. Former TVC figures will be peppered throughout The Black Series line going forward and while not all of them are ideal choices, Derryl DePriest did write down about a dozen more hard to find TVC figures that he will try to work into the line in the future.

Q: Are we ever going to see an action figure of General Tagge?

A: Unlikely.

Q: Hasbro will you only make Class II scale vehicles or have you completely eliminated the concept of Class III vehicles?

A: Larger sized vehicle are still on Hasbro's radar. We may see more information on this in 2015.

Q: In years past Hasbro has offered Army Builder 4-packs, i.e. Clone Troopers, Endor Soldiers, Rebel Troopers, Sandtroopers and Stormtroopers, with the many newly upgraded and improved versions of army building figures we received during the TVC line would it be possible to offer these figures in this same manner again to satisfy the need for collectors to acquire multiples of these characters? The candidates from the TVC that would be most successful in this format would be, VC14 Sandtrooper (with all four pauldron colours),VC18 Magnaguard, VC21 Gamorrean Guard, VC38 212th Battallion Clone, VC60 501 Clone, VC68 Echo Base Rebel Soldier, VC105 Emperor's Royal Guard, VC109 Clone Trooper(one each of the four colour ranked officers), VC110 Shock Trooper and VC113 Republic Trooper. The 2nd tier candidates from the TVC are VC15 Clone Trooper, VC26 Rebel Commando, VC37 Super Battle Droid, VC52 Rebel Fleet Trooper, VC78 Battle Droid and VC94 Imperial Navy Commander. Also a 4-pack with the Black Series Stormtrooper with an adjusted solid back torso would be great too. These 4-packs could be mail-away offers direct from Hasbro as was done in the past, or internet exclusive offers.

A: (Editor's Note: I don't have a perfect word for word answer from Hasbro on this one. I can tell you that they said things like this wouldn't appeal to everyone and that four TVC-quality figures in one box may have a price tag that not all will want to pay. I stopped them dead in their tracks and explained that they are already doing this with the Jedi Knights four-packs and the Anakin to Darth Vader 4-pack. I expressed that even if they didn't give us a solid 4-pack of 501st Legion Clone Troopers or 4 Gamorrean Guards that maybe they could give us four unique army-builders in one box and maybe separate them by OT/PT. Hasbro seemed to agree that something like that was a good idea, but I couldn't tell if they were sick of me yet and were just "yessing" me to death.)

Q: Dear Hasbro,please keep up the improvements in distribution with TBS and also try to remember we would like you to do remakes of core characters (ANH Leia,TESB Lando) please with super articulation.

A: That is Hasbro's goal.

Q: With the TPM fiasco still fresh in everyone's minds (particularly if you go to Walmart regularly), have we seen the last of most figures from that movie for the foreseeable future? Or will we still occasionally revisit some of the more iconic characters like Qui-Gon and Jar Jar? (Yes, I said Jar Jar. Don't judge.)

A: Hasbro believes that all remaining TPM 3D product has made its way to clearance outlets and that none should be remaining anywhere else. (Editor's Note: Except for your local retail store too!)

Q: Will any TVC figures be repackaged into The Black Series line?

A: Yes. (Editor's Note: Haven't you read our site?)

Q: Love the 5POA that have a vintage, nostalgic feel. How about some old school vintage color schemes? Gray Death Squad Commander, bright green Greedo, blue Snags?

A: Hasbro would make them realistic only.

Q: Are you satisfied or happy with the 6" TBS range and will it continue beyond 2014?

A: TBS 6" line has exceeded expectations and Hasbro is ecstatic about what the future holds for the line.

Q: Looking forward to the continuation of the Vintage collection. Will we see it this year, be it an exclusive or two or a new line?

A: Hasbro would love to see the return of The Vintage Collection. It's too early to determine how it may return, if it does.

Q: What are your thoughts about introducing Vintage POTF? Is it in the 5 year plan?

A: Possibly.

Q: are the reports of upcoming waves having 2 of each figure true.

A: Not every figure will be packed this way, but the approach to case assortments has been aggressively revised.

Q: My first and primary question is "Are you happy/satisfied with the 6 inch Black Series Star Wars figures so far, and do you have plans to continue them... Maybe adding Build a figure parts.

A: Build A Figure won't be coming into the 6" line. Hasbro is trying to keep the prices for these figures affordable.

Q: Will the traditional size / quality of card back & bubble be returning for future lines including Rebels (I know there are some concepts out there) & Episode VII?

A: (Editor's Note: I forgot to ask this question, but I do believe the new card back design is closer to the traditional size we saw prior to TBS (orange).


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