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Toy Fair 2009 - Hasbro Press Pictures

Posted by Chuck | February 17, 2009 at 07:24 PM ET

    Now that you've seen all of our pictures, it's time to feature some from Hasbro. After the Hasbro Showroom tour we received a thumb drive full of official press pictures. Click through for a gallery featuring the official pictures of what we saw in the Hasbro Showroom.

Official Hasbro Press Packet Pictures

The Legacy Collection | EU Comic Packs | Battle Packs | Turbo Tank
Deluxe Vehicle |  | Role Play | Galactic Heroes | Remote Control R2-D2
Force FX Lightsabers | Exclusives & Evolutions


The Legacy Collection Basic Figures

01bad01001 01bad01002 01bad01003
01bad01004 01bad01005 01bad01006
01bad01007 01bad01008 02bad02001
02bad02002 02bad02003 02bad02004
02bad02005 02bad02006 02bad02007
03bad03001 03bad03002 03bad03003
03bad03004 03bad03005 03bad03006

Expanded Universe Comic Packs

04comics2001 04comics2002 04comics2003
04comics2004 04comics2005 04comics2006

Battle Packs
05BP1001 05BP1001a 05BP1001b
05BP1001c 05BP1002 05BP1002a
05BP1002b 05BP1002c 05BP2001
05BP2001a 05BP2001b 05BP2002
05BP2002a 05BP2002b 05BP2002c

Turbo Tank

06tank001 06tank002 06tank003
06tank004 06tank005 06tank006
06tank007 06tank008 06tank009
06tank010 06tank011  

Deluxe Vehicle


Role Play

08saber001 08saber002 08saber003

Galactic Heroes

10GH1001 10GH1002 10GH1003
10GH1004 11GHCS001 11GHCS002
11GHCS003 11GHCS004  

Remote Control R2-D2


Force FX Lightsabers

13FX001 13FX001a 13FX002

Exclusives & Evolutions

14rancor001 14rancor002 15jokersquad001
16evolutions001 16evolutions002 16evolutions003

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