Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Date: February 25, 2014 at 08:38 PM ET
Topic: LEGO

It's very hard to see a magnificent display of LEGO figures (amongst many The Clone Wars figures we are dying to see in 3.75" scale) like this when we know that we will never see them get made in the Hasbro line. This isn't a jab at Hasbro, but come on already. Look at all of these great characters. What kid and collector wouldn't buy all of these amazing characters in 3.75" realistic scale? When I think of how many missed opportunities Hasbro made with The Clone Wars line. It stopped in the middle of nowhere and the best characters never got a shot in this scale. But yet great companies like LEGO keep on banging them out. Why Hasbro? Why?! Click through for a bigger picture and to leave your own thoughts on this topic.

I want this to say "Meet The New Hasbro Star Wars"!

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