SWCA: Mattel
Date: April 19, 2015 at 12:55 PM ET
Topic: Convention News

Mattel has gotten into the Star Wars action at a very brisk rate too. See what their booth offered Star Wars and car collectors. The stuff looks awesome! Click through for more!

swca-jakks-pacific-05  swca-jakks-pacific-07  swca-jakks-pacific-14  swca-jakks-pacific-23

swca-mattel-01 swca-mattel-02 swca-mattel-03 swca-mattel-04
swca-mattel-05 swca-mattel-06 swca-mattel-07 swca-mattel-08
swca-mattel-09 swca-mattel-10 swca-mattel-11 swca-mattel-12
swca-mattel-13 swca-mattel-14 swca-mattel-15 swca-mattel-16
swca-mattel-17 swca-mattel-18 swca-mattel-19 swca-mattel-20
swca-mattel-21 swca-mattel-22    

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