New Disney Elite Series.... Zzzzzzzzzz.... Found At Disney Store
Date: April 09, 2017 at 07:43 AM ET
Topic: Disney Store

Disney Store is still making these things. And if they are making these things are they really making more "First Order" stuff? Disney, TFA is so 2015. Stop making shelf-warmers. JTA reader Augustin G. sends us a report of new Disney Elite Series figures arriving at retail. Click through for more.


Hi Paul,

Just when I thought that my Elite Series Collection was complete (except for the prototype Boba Fett that is nowhere to be found), 'new' TFA figures hit the market:

- Repack Finn, this time with 'his' lightsaber (
- Repack Stormtrooper, with Riot Gear (
- Repack Stormtrooper, that "features the prominent shoulder pad that distinguishes him as a Squad Leader" (

My conspiracist mindset might be playing tricks on me, but all the figures I found at my local Disneystore had paint defects (see attached pictures). So, considering that these figures are being released 'eons' late, I can only conclude that Disney is scraping the bottom of the barrel.


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