Hasbro's Questions & Answers #12
Date: September 24, 2006 at 08:23 AM ET
Topic: Hasbro

     Our latest Q&A session directly from Hasbro has arrived. See below for full details...

     Don't forget, you can submit questions in our forums and we'll try to get as many as possible submitted to Hasbro. We can send only three questions per week, so make sure they are good ones! Now, on to this weeks Questions and Answers directly from Hasbro.

Q. Would you consider the mail-away premium George Lucas figure a successful campaign? What are the plans (if any) for future mail-away exclusive items? Any plans on venturing outside the action figure arena and maybe offering something like display stands or other unique accessories like we saw during the vintage days?

A. We like the idea of continuing to do promotions. The GWL Stormtrooper promo was certainly a success in showing retailers that we have ideas that get collectors excited and drive traffic to retail, and sell-through was very good overall. Retailers look forward to the next wave next year. There were two key learnings, though, that can inform our future plans:
  1) What did not succeed, and this is something we have to constantly work on, was the requirements for the redemption. We should have anticipated that Scout Troopers (and to a lesser extent Lukes and Tuskens) would be heavily picked regionally and disrupt the redemption model;
  2) It was something of a surprise, but the number of actual redemptions was smaller than we thought compared to the number of sets sold through. A lot of collectors have apparently chosen to keep their clamshells sealed, which means the number of GWL figures in circulation is going to be less than we originally anticipated and built for. This, though, is an unfortunate byproduct of having to heat-seal the clamshell to prevent theft of the stickers. So...despite all of that, we do plan another promotion next year and hopefully it will be smooth with tweaks from our learnings.

Q. Will the distribution of the Caucasian and African American Endor Rebel Trooper be a running change and have they been produced in equal numbers?

A. They will be produced in equel numbers, and it will be as a running change.

Q. We saw some images of the Han Solo / Chewbacca Transformer with gold Titanium pack-ins a while back. Can you give us information on when and where that will be sold?

A. This is a Wal-Mart exclusive product available in limited numbers (compared to the main run). It will be on shelf Nov. 1.

Check back next week and we'll post the next round of Questions (and answers) as soon as Hasbro offers them.

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