Hasbro's Questions & Answers #14
Date: October 06, 2006 at 04:00 PM ET
Topic: Hasbro

     The latest round of questions sent out to Hasbro now have their answers! See below for full details...

Don't forget, you can submit questions in our forums and we'll try to get as many as possible submitted to Hasbro. We can send only three questions per week, so make sure they are good ones! Now, on to this weeks Questions and Answers directly from Hasbro.

Q. We've seen the coin holder on Entertainment Earth for the 30th Anniversary line coins that will be packed in with various figures. The description mentions it will hold all of the coins from the basic line (60) as well as for promotional and convention coins (and I would suppose other exclusives as well). What is the total number of coins we can expect for the 30th Anniversary line?

A. That number is still yet to be finalized, but there will only ever be 60 basic figures coins. One thing we are going to do, however, is hold the exclusive coins down to a very minimum. The ony exclusives which will have coins would be either CIV or Comic Con. In addition, if we do end up putting a "Greatest Hits" basic figure line into play, we would have to evaluate what sort of coins they would have.

Q. Which items are the official end of the Saga Collection toys and which are the beginning of the 30th Anniversary Collection toys?

A. The last wave of the Saga figures will be seen at retail in February and will be on shelf until roughly the end of March. All other figures and sublines on shelf in 2007 will be 30th Anniversary. As for how you (the fan sites) categorize the items, maybe this helps. We planned the last wave of Starfighter vehicles (Vader's Starfighter, Droid Tank, Hailfire) to be in 2006 but decided to put them in the 2007 line look to save our rework for next year since they will carry over. But as far as we're concerned, they are 2006 or Saga products. The same with the first wave of Battle Packs, and Saga tins. Because they were designed to carryover, they got the new look. But really we consider them Saga-year products and are "on the books" for this year. I know, this is probably more complicated than you want!

Q. The George Lucas Mail-away figure redemption form stated that the offer is available 'while supplies last'. How limited is this figure? What is the approximate production run? Is there any chance this figure might run out before the December 31 mail-in deadline?

A. We don't release numbers on our production runs for any figure, even exclusive promotional figures like this. As of now, unless there is larger-than-anticipated last minute surge, we will have enough to honor all submissions.

Check back next week and we'll post the next round of Questions (and answers) as soon as Hasbro offers them.

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