More Kiriko Glasses from Kotobukiya at SDCC
Date: July 24, 2007 at 10:55 PM ET
Topic: Kotobukiya

     If you liked that fancy Kiriko R2-D2 glass from Kotobukiya that debuted at CIV, then you will love what they have in store for SDCC! Check out the latest additions to the very cool, high quality line of glasses: C-3PO and R4-P17. All the details here...


Each glass is a large wiskey style glass.  The R2 glasses are 10 oz, and the C-3PO is a more slender piece (reflecting his body type more accurately) and holds 9oz.   These are large, high quality, glasses, and not tiny shotglasses.

Each glass will retail for $50.00 and can be found exclusively at the Kotobukiya booth (#2301).




Combining ancient Japanese craftsmanship with the Star Wars universe, Kotobukiya produces one of the most unique exclusives to be found at SAN DIEGO COMICON:  Kiriko Glassware.

Traditional Japanese glass etching technique, known as Kiriko, has been in existence since in Edo (present-day Tokyo) since 1824, when artisans first began experimenting with emery powder to produce glassware engraved with patterns.  As Kiriko developed during the Meiji era (mid-19th century), the craft went through many revisions, such as utilizing new equipment introduced from the west, while still  retaining the time-honored Japanese techniques utilized until this day.

In 1985, Kiriko was designated a Traditional Craft Industry by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  Stipulations to qualify as a Traditional Craft Industry are as follows: the main process of manufacturing must require expert manual skills, the history of the techniques used must date back at least a century, and the craft must use traditional materials. 

Kotobukiya has taken the Kiriko technique and blasted it to Tatooine, with the release of the STAR WARS KIRIKO GLASS.  The whisky style glass is hand etched at different levels, taking the patterns of the droids bodies and transforming it into a work of art.  You can easily feel the deep engravings when holding the two-toned frosted texture glass in your hands.   Due to the complex production involved in creating this glassware, only a small quantity (less than 350 pieces) of each Kiriko Glass will be available at SDCC.

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