Luke Skywalker (Rebel Commander: Bespin) - Sideshow Collectibles Heroes of the Rebellion - 1:6 Scale Figures -

Name: Luke Skywalker (Rebel Commander: Bespin)

Collection: Heroes of the Rebellion

Edition Size: 1980 (Exclusive) 5000 (Regular)

Availability: November 2007

Retail: $54.99 USD

Status: Luke Skywalker (Rebel Commander: Bespin) is an all-new figure that utilizes the short male body type.

Accessories: jacket, pants, tank-top undershirt, boots, detailed belt with holster, blaster pistol, lightsaber (unlit), lightsaber (ignited), lightsaber grip left hand, lightsaber grip right hand, Force push left hand, pistol grip right hand, severed hand stump, display base with Star Wars logo (©2005), auto-tourniquet (Sideshow Exclusive)

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