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Chuck Paskovics – Owner & Administrator, Co-founder, Webmaster, Visual Guide Coordinator, Photographer, Reporter, Graphics Editor, Content Editor

email: [email protected]

Forum Handle: Rogue3

Age: 53 years old.

Location: Lexington, KY

Collecting Interests: Hasbro, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, and Vintage. I also collect bits and pieces of everything else!


BioPaul Harrison – News & Features Editor, Reviews Coordinator, Events Correspondent

email: [email protected]

Forum Handle: darthpaul1974

Age: 49 years old.

Location: Philadelphia, PA (but a NJ boy at heart)

Collecting Interests: Hasbro; Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format ¼ Scale Figures, 1:1 Life-Size Busts, and 12” Figures; RAH Medicom 12” Figures, Kubricks and VCD Figures; ACME Archives Character Keys; Scaled Replicas; and Gentle Giant Mini Busts, Statues, Bust-Ups and Maquettes.

Favorite Memory: My dad took my younger brother and me in 1983 to see Return Of The Jedi in a theater with obviously no THX sound or giant screen.  It didn’t matter, because it was and still is larger than life and it lit a passionate fire that still burns strong today.  That same year for Christmas I got all the ROTJ toys from Kenner and still have them today.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Hobbies: 60s, 70s, and 80s music, pop culture, movies and television.  Fine dining. 

Miscellaneous:  I always collected Kenner/Hasbro stuff, but I always leaned more to the higher end collectibles.  But ever since Hasbro released The Saga Collection in 2006 and 30 (77-07) in 2007, my interest in the Hasbro product has been invigorated.

Moderator Team


Trent Beck

Comments Moderation – AKA Bombadgungan


BioAnthony Turkor – Comments Moderation

email: [email protected]

Age: 44 years old.

Comments Handle: The_Question

Location: Connecticut 


BioJeff Thompson – Comments Moderation

email: [email protected]

Age: 65 years old.

Comments Handle: Sjefke

Location: Fallston Maryland,  The Burbs, north of Baltimore

Collecting Interests: 3.75 figures and vehicles. I love anything to do with scum and villiany.

Best Star Wars Memories: I saw ANH (back then we just called it STAR WARS) at least 12 times in the theatres. As a joke, my mother bought me TESB Yoda, but I still have it somewhere. I always watched the movies when I got the chance, but wasn't a collector. 

When I had kids of my own, that changed. I took them to see THE CLONE WARS on the big screen. They were the perfect age for it and it made a big impression on them and me. My 6 year old son became a Rex fan, and my 4 year old daughter fell in love with Ahsoka Tano. We were grocery shopping when they saw the TCW wave 1 hanging on the pegs and we picked up Anakin and dirty Rex. That's when it started. We got 10 more figures for Christmas, but there was always a figure or two that the kids still wanted, but I kept pushing the OT. I discovered JTA when I was searching on-line for TCW Aayla Secura.

One afternoon, I saw Legacy Ben Kenobi and got that, purely for myself. That's the day I became a collector and not a toy buyer. I still love watching the kids playing with their vast army, while my poor wife shakes her head at the excess. I have my own collection of realistic firgures that is purely for display.

Hobbies: Carpentry, Crafts (handy, when you're customizing), Science fiction, Films, Scuba & snorkeling, Skiing.

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