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Star Wars Celebration IV – Los Angeles, CA
by Chuck Paskovics & Pete Hauerstein
May 24, 2007

May 24th quicklinks:

Celebration IV is upon us! CIV kicks off with the fan club day, dedicated to members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club. With the doors opening at 12 noon, the line wrapped as far as the eye could see! The hot item to get wasn't at the dreaded Celebration Store, nor at the Gentle Giant booth. Fans quickly made their way to the booth to try to secure the very limited animated cartoon deco Boba Fett Maquette. The line quickly balooned into a mess, causing frantic Gen Con folks to break up (and anger) some fans hoping to score this hot item. Handing out only 300 today, many fans left empty handed, while many exhibitors, who had access to the room before the doors opened, walked away all smiles. Rumor has it they will hand out 100 more each day for the remaining 4 days. Let's hope the exhibitors save some for the fans who line up at 4am this time.

Once the hour-and-a-half fiasco was out of the way, the lines were pretty much a thing of Celebrations past, with all of the other booths having offered pre-orders for their products. I even bit the bullet and walked to the dreaded Celebration Store, expecting a line like Star Wars fans are used to when going to the Celebrations Stores... but wait! Not only was there no line, I walked smoothly through the whole store, from entrance to checkout, without waiting a single extra minute! While there were a few sold out items, such as the highly limited McQuarrie print, I was able to find most everything just fine! Kudos to finally getting the Celebration Store right!

We capped off our evening with our sold out SWAN/JTA Dinner Party! Fans from all over the world got together to mingle and have fun!

Now, on to our galleries for day 1, and don't forget to check out the dedicated Gentle Giant, Hasbro, and Sideshow Collectibles gallery pages!

Convention Images

01con-001 01con-002 01con-003 01con-004
01con-005 01con-006 01con-007 01con-008
01con-009 01con-010



What would be a Star Wars Celebration without the awesome costumes from the fans... here's a small gallery to get you started, with more to come in the coming days!

01con-011 01con-012 01con-013 01con-014
01con-015 01con-016 01con-017 01con-018
01con-019 01con-020 01con-021 01con-022


Kotobukiya was on hand to show off their latest products, including the very cool McQuarrie concept kit! They also had the Obi-Wan vs. Grievous set, an Utapau Clone Trooper, and some nice concept art work for what looks like a diorama display of an X-Wing Fighter! Check out the images below for all the details!

02koto-001 02koto-002 02koto-003 02koto-004
02koto-005 02koto-006 02koto-007 02koto-008
02koto-009 02koto-010 02koto-011 02koto-012
02koto-013 02koto-014 02koto-015 02koto-016
02koto-017 02koto-018


The LucasArts booth had a nice array of games on demo, including a contest pitting players against each other...on the retro Star Wars games from the 80s! While nothing new on the Force Unleashed game, they did have a nice promo poster to needlessly tease fans. And, fans of the LEGO Star Wars game will be happy to know that there will be an upcoming game that puts all 6 LEGO Star Wars chapters into one game!

03lucasarts-001 03lucasarts-002 03lucasarts-003 03lucasarts-004
03lucasarts-005 03lucasarts-006 03lucasarts-007 03lucasarts-008

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