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Star Wars Experience – The Art of Star Wars Exhibition - Singapore, Japan
The Art of Star Wars Exhibition - Singapore, Japan
by Joris DeSmet and David Guivant
November 19, 2005 - April 3, 2006
The Art of Star Wars Exhibition "The Bothan Article" Gallery

Our Bothan contact, in normal life known as the talented fan film maker David Guivant wrote in this week with a little summary of the events when he was presenting his short films in the Singapore Science Centre and did his second tour at the Art Exhibition.

From the looks of it, not everything went immediately as planned; judging by this little excerpt David forwarded us from the report on

The first time we had David Guivant programmed at the Maxwell Auditorium. Unfortunately some kind of Bubble Show was programmed at the Maxwell Auditorium on David’s time slot and nothing was ready for him to do the lecture.

And so the fans got bubbles instead of Star Wars? Luckily, a next attempt at doing the presentation seemed to have gone a lot better. We'll leave it to David to relate his experiences …

Presentation of the fan films: Saturday December 10th (Newton Room)

Today’s presentation went hyper-well; a stampede of Star Wars fans to make the day … the humour, warmth and enthusiasm were present on the rendezvous from the first second and I felt at home immediately.

I made my entrance flanked by the Singapore 501st and the Imperial March playing in the background. Talking about an impressive start!

My audience was composed of a crowd of Star Wars fans, the Singapore 501st, LCM (Les Costumés de Malaisie, Malaysian fan costume makers), a number of film students, more Star Wars fans, 2 directors in the making and even a young lad having worked with Rob Coleman in Sydney during the realization of Episode 3. If you would have to show off a Star Wars fan film, this was the audience to wish for. And so I threw my stuff at them … figuratively speaking, of course.

In George Lucas: Legend Of The Force I could convey my admiration for Steven Spielberg and George Lucas with a healthy dose of humour and a truckload of references to THX, American Graffiti, Jaws, E.T. and of course, Star Wars.

With Prime of the Jedi, the fans have been able to see how one can recycle his Star Wars toy collection and use 2-D animations to produce impressive movie material. All you need is the patience to work image per image, a number of computers (nothing fancier than portable PC’s and Macintosh G3) and Adobe Photoshop.

My motto is simple but powerful: the lack of resources doesn't have to put an end to your movie-making dreams; sometimes the courage and determination to see your ideas take shape on a screen will do the miracle by itself.

The public was quite thrilled to discover that Star Wars fan films can be made with little to “No Budget”. We didn't need any sponsor contributions or allowances of any kind; what we lacked in budget was made up with imagination and it did the trick quite nicely.

After getting a taste of what’s possible, many fans wanted to do their own fan film. I can't help but think that is a good thing; we didn't launch an official craze just yet, but I wouldn't mind setting the L-CHEAPO trend.

The fans in attendance were only expecting me to present my fan film projects, but I also gave them a taste of my artistic talents in painting. My G.I. Joe Wide Vision Trading Cards and the Transformers lithographs were extremely well-received. A young girl stepped forward to congratulate me on my Starman Trading Cards as well.

At the end of the presentation, a number of fans stayed to ask more questions and the occasional one even asked for an autograph.

Dinner with the Trekkies

In the afternoon, I was invited to the year’s end dinner of the Singapore Trekkies, who had proven to be big supporters of my fan films.

Dinner, another presentation of my fan films and a big Science Fiction quiz made up for the programme.

The Star Wars LCM fans were invited as well. It was a bit surreal to see Star Wars fans being invited to a Trekkie party … but they mingled very well. In the end, I thought there were more Star Wars fans present there than Star Trek fans. I even spotted a number of Trekkies watching the Clone Wars episodes on DVD.

Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas have left quite a different heritage; they created two different worlds, yet it’s heart-warming to see that fans of both worlds can gather together and discuss about their favourite avocation.

In the infamous quiz fans had the opportunity to test their knowledge of the Star Wars and Star Trek movies and different science fiction TV series. The movie questions were really quite difficult, since most of them were about the deleted scenes. The questions on the TV series were more generic and I had a lot less trouble with those …

I eventually came out second; my price was no less than a novel trilogy about Darth Vader. The elusive first price was a Captain Kirk photo with William Shatner’s autograph.

With that, a day full of excitement had ended and I was happy enough to hit the sack and recharge my batteries again.

Who knows what the next adventure in Singapore will bring?

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