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Star Wars Experience – San Diego Comic Con International
by Peter Hauerstein and Chuck Paskovics
July 19-23, 2006

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone! Our man Pete was on hand for up-to-date coverage of everything Star Wars!

Below you will find our exclusives coverage , daily event coverage, and some quicklinks to the popular galleries. You'll also find quicklinks to visual guides of the most popular exclusives found at this years Con. Just look for the Jedi Temple Archives Visual Guide logo ()! And, if you want to chat about Comic Con, stop by our forums for more Comic Con chatter...

Daily Event Coverage

Fossil Gallery (July 20)

Hasbro Gallery #1 July 19)

Hasbro Gallery #2 (July 20)
Hasbro Gallery #3 (July 21 – Q&A)
Hasbro Gallery #4 (July 21 – new product)
Hasbro Gallery #5 (July 23 – Commandos)

Gentle Giant Gallery #1 (July 19)
Gentle Giant Gallery #2 (July 20)

Kotobukiya Gallery (July 20)

Lego Gallery (July 20)

Master Replicas Gallery #1 (July 19)
Master Replicas Gallery #2: Boba Fett Blaster (July 20)
Master Replicas Gallery #3: After Hours Party (July 21)

Sideshow Gallery #1 (July 19)
Sideshow Gallery #2 (July 20)

Miscellaneous Convention Photos #1 (July 19)
Miscellaneous Convention Photos #2 (July 20)
Miscellaneous Convention Photos #3 (July 21)

Miscellaneous Convention Photos #4 (July 22)

Convention Swag!

Special Coverage  

Highlights from Hasbro's Live Q&A

Hasbro's Question & Answer Slideshow

Sideshow Collectibles Interview

Highlights from Steve Sansweet's Spectacular

Master Replicas After Hours Party


Comic Con Star Wars Exclusives

HASBRO – Booth 3213
   Titanium Gold Darth Vader TIE Fighter
   501st Stormtrooper Figure (Details)
   Saga Collection Basic Figure Poster
GENTLE GIANT – Booth 3513
   2006 Tour Exclusive Vader Bust-Up
   100th Bust-Up (Silver Boba Fett)
   Shock Trooper Mini-Bust & Bust-Up Set
      Shock Trooper Mini-Bust (additional poses)
      Shock Trooper Bust-Up
– Booth 2913
   Scaled Han Solo Blaster (3,000 pieces)
       Standard Version (alternate view)
       Chase version (features a gold-plated          suppressor—150 of the 3,000)
CODE 3 – at Entertainment Earth's booth 2343
   Star Wars Chaykin Mini Poster (1,976)
   Click here to see the Original Art
Sideshow Comic Con Page
   Darth Vader: Sith Apprentice (6,000)
       Accessories Additional Poses
       Additional Poses
  Medicom Super Deformed 501st Trooper
   Sideshow Cap Giveaway
   Free Bag and DVD

   Anakin Skywalker Character Key (1,000) 
   Darth Sidious Character Key (500)


DARK HORSE – Booth 2715
  Galaxy Map Poster – FREE
  Legacy #0 – FREE
  Free Comic Book Day (Star Wars/Conan) – FREE
  Rebellion/KOTOR flip books – FREE
  Legacy of the Force Buttons & Flyers – FREE
  Star Wars Gaming Miniatures: Twi'lek Bodyguard, Clone Trooper, & Jedi Sentinel
DK PUBLISHING – Booth 5449
  Star Wars Visual Dictionary Magnets – FREE
  Steve Sansweet Signing
OFFICIAL PIX – Booth 5450
  Execute Order 66 Lithographic Print (2,000)
  Revenge of the Sith Commander Appo Poster
   (16" x 20" Mosaic using more than 800 SW
     images from their store – FREE


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