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Star Wars Experience – 2006 San Diego Comic-Con International
by Peter Hauerstein and Chuck Paskovics
July 19, 2006 — Preview Night

July 19th quicklinks:
Comic-Con | Master Replicas | Sideshow Collectibles
| Gentle Giant | Hasbro

Preview night kicked off with an onslaught of new products from all the big name Star Wars makers. Pete was on hand to bring you various galleries to kick off our Comic-Con coverage. Follow the links above for the separate Gentle Giant and Hasbro Galleries...

Well, here it is, the most anticipated convention of the year for all Star Wars non-Celebration years that is...the San Diego Comic-Con! Preview night is always full of anticipation since we all want to see that will be in store from all of our favorite vendors like Hasbro, Sideshow, Gentle Giant, Master Replicas, and more and this Preview night proved to have so much to show off that it took until the next morning just to take photographs of all the goods that Star Wars collectors want to know about. So, read and look on past the Commander Codys and see what the Saga has in store for you this year!

Comic-Con Images

01general001 01general002 01general003 01general004
01general005 01general006 01general007 01general008
  01general009 01general010  


Master Replicas

Master Replicas finally had a model of the Millennium Flacon on site that we could appreciate with our own eyes and not just photographs, and it is a good thing too because from the working headlights to the tiniest of details inside the cockpit this is one Studio Scale vehicle that will live up to the hype and beyond! Other features include working engine lights, fantastic detailing of the ship from front to back and paint applications that are so good you just may want to take it out for a spin. The ship is displayed on a mirrored base at an angle so you can appreciate the detail of the bottom of the ship as well as the top, and a plaque with the ship specifications is also included.

05mr001 05mr002 05mr004 05mr005
05mr006 05mr007 05mr008 05mr009
05mr010 05mr011 05mr012 05mr013
05mr014 05mr015 05mr016 05mr017
05mr018 05mr019 05mr020 05mr021
05mr022 05mr023 05mr024 05mr025
05mr026 05mr027 05mr028 05mr029
05mr030 05mr031 05mr032 05mr033
05mr034 05mr035 05mr036 05mr037
05mr038 05mr039 05mr040 05mr041
05mr043 05mr044 05mr045 05mr046
05mr047 05mr048 05mr049 05mr050
05mr051 05mr052 05mr054 05mr055


Sideshow Collectibles

The Sideshow Collectibles booth was enough to blow anyone away at first glance alone, but once you got inside and saw what they had to offer you would be blown away time and time again. At center stage was the first of the Scum and Villainy 12" figures...Jabba the Hutt! Jabba is sold separately from his Throne Environment and Salacious Crumb and gang and is sure to be one of the greatest highlights of any collection from the drool seeping from his slugish mouth to the fantastic detail and texture on the throne, hooka pipe and the denizens that hang around the big gangster. But every crime lord needs a right hand man so enter the 12" Bib Fortuna to be offered up for pre-order later this month and the first in the Sideshow Star Wars military line...Leia in Boussh disguise.

Also on display was the 1:1 Scale Yoda bust and a huge surprise of 1:1 scale R2-D2 and C-3PO figures! Check back for our exclusive interview with Sideshow Collectibles for the full rundown and details about the future of all these lines.

05mr059 05mr060 06sideshow001 06sideshow002
06sideshow003 06sideshow004 06sideshow005 06sideshow006
06sideshow007 06sideshow009 06sideshow010 06sideshow011

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