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    I was pretty excited to see what Gentle Giant has to offer this year! When I walked into their showroom, I just couldn't wait to get my Camera out. However, before I could even reach in my bag, I was told that pictures were not allowed. I was a little bummed as I knew that I would not be able to show our readers the things I saw. Gentle Giant did however supply a disk with images on it for us to share with you. However, none of the supplied images are of anything new.

    One of the first things I saw when I walked in was a item for the Episode 3 line, a new Darth Vader mini-bust. This bust was modeled from the actual Episode 3 costume. This Vader is sculpted with both his hands clasped around his drawn and ignited saber, and he it is holding the saber out in front of him. The hilt was chest high, which put the ignited blade in front of Vaders face. A stunning piece that is sure to go quick.

    I was also fortunate enough to see the new Han Solo mini-bust. It was not the finished version as they are still working on the face a little, but, even still it was a nice piece. Solo has his gun drawn and is pointing it up. He is sort of holding it behind him a little. It is hard to describe, but, when I saw the bust, it reminded me of a production still that is easily available. Click on the thumbnail to check out the bigger pic:

    Looking at that picture, if you can imagine Solo holding his blaster a little more behind his shoulder/head, that is close to how the bust was. Also, Han was sporting one hell of a grin, that Han Solo grin that a lot of people love about the character.

    Another new mini-bust they had there was a Empire Strikes Back Yoda. Nice sculpt with some nice detail.

    Another item that many fans have been wondering about is the Sandtrooper Mini-Bust. They are still going to release these mini-busts, they are just tweaking them out. However, what some may not know is that there are 2 Sandtrooper Mini-Busts. The first everyone knows about and that is the Sandtrooper Squadleader pictured here:

    The second sandtrooper is the sergeant. What's cool about this one is that he is straight from the movie with one hand holding up the droid part that he found in the desert sands of Tatooine. Anyone remember the line, "Look Sir, Droids"? Well that is what is captured with this second Sandtrooper bust. The Sandtroopers will also have interchangeable arms so as to create multiple poses.

    Rounding out the Mini-Busts were examples of the Leia as Boussh with and without the Helmet, and IG-88. Here are the Mini Bust pictures that were supplied to us from Gentle Giant:


    Another cool Gentle Giant item is the Micro-Busts, or Bust-Ups. These little guys have become quite popular. If you collect them, than you know that Series 1 and 2 have been released. Series 1 was the "Heroes Of The Rebellion Series", and Series 2 was "The Villains of the Dark Side". You also probably know that within the next few weeks Series 3 will be out. That series will center around the Bounty Hunters of the Star Wars Trilogies. Gentle Giant also handed out free Boba Fett Bust-Ups to the people that visited their Exhibit, you can check that out below.


    So what's next in line for the Bust-Ups? Can you say Episode 3 Bust-Ups? They had samples there of the 4th series of Bust-Ups, and I have to admit, with each series they just get better in detail and sculpt. There is the Anakin, and Obi Wan, both with amazing detail. Then there is a Yoda, and Emperor (Darth Sidious) which were again nicely done. They did not have the E3 Clone Trooper or the Greivous there for us to see. Expect to see the Series 4 Bust-Ups shortly after Revenge Of The Sith is released in the theaters.

    Also, to answer a question we had from one of our readers, we asked Gentle Giant about the Black Hole Stormie Bust-Up and how many possible Variations there are. The answer is that GG used the regular Stormtrooper from the series as the basis for the Black Hole Stormie. With 8 possible variations for the regular stormtrooper, then that makes a possible 8 for the Black Hole Stormtrooper!

Armory Collection
    The long awaited Armory Collection is still a work in progress at Gentle Giant. They are working on the bases for the helmet. They are looking for a more "Museum Quality" look to the pieces. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for any new info on these. They had some examples there for us to checkout. There were some different X-Wing and Tie Fighter Pilots shown, and they were looking nice. This will be a very nice line, which means more $$$ out of our pockets.

Gentle Giant Statues
    Now what about new stuff for statues? How about 2 new statues slated for 2005? First is a Darth Maul! Yep, Darth Maul will be making an appearance in 2005. Just as with the Han Solo Bust, when I saw the Maul Statue, I instantly thought of a production still that is readily available:

    In the picture, where Maul is holding his saber in front of him, that is about what the statue was doing. As for Mauls other hand, I cannot remember what he was doing with it. I just want to clarify that I am not saying that the picture I just showed of Maul, or the picture I showed of Han Solo is what the finished products are going to look like! I am just showing you the pictures so you can get a very, very rough idea of the pose of the products. Please no emails when these items are finally revealed saying that I was way off!
    If you thought 1 statue was not enough, there is another set for 2005. Following in the size and theme of the Dewback statue, Gentle Giant plans on releasing a Biker Scout w/ Speeder Bike Statue! However, the cool thing about this statue is that we will not get the static "rider" pose, instead the trooper will be off the bike and leaning on it. When I visited the Exhibit, the statue had not yet made it to NYC, so I was not able to peek at it.
    Being able to attend Gentle Giants Exhibit afforded me the opportunity to check out the new Darth Vader Statue. No picture on the web does this piece any justice! It is simply amazing up close. The statue exhibit rounded up with showing the 3PO and Chewbacca statues.


Clone Wars Maquettes
    Here's a look at the Clone Wars Display, see anything you like?

    Three new Maquettes are slated for this year, can you pick them out? Well I will help you, they are General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker, and a double Maquette of Luminara Unduli & Barris Offee. Very nice sculpts on these, and the General is making it hard for me to stay away from this line! The General is sculpted with hie right hand held up, and his left hand is holding an ignited saber. However the saber is held not in front of him, but, behind him. It seemed a very nice touch to me.

    As with the previous Maquettes the line so far has stayed very true to the cartoon, and expect the Anakin not to be any different. With the double Jedi Maquette of Luminara Unduli & Barris Offee they once again capture the artistic stylings Genndy Tartakovsky and Paul Rudish very nicely!

    That wraps up our coverage for Gentle Giant, if you are a fan of their product, it looks to be a good year, well except for your wallet anyway.

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