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Gentle Giant Showroom

Gentle Giant served up a nice number of surprises today at Toy Fair covering everything from the Bust-Ups to their statues and everything in between. Almost everything in their showroom is slated for 2006 release dates and that means that this is going to be a very fun and busy year for all the Gentle Giant fans out there!

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This year we will be seeing 9 additional mini-busts added to the already impressive lineup. The first of the bunch that would catch any collectors eye is the first ever EU mini-bust, Mara Jade! Posed in full action with her lightsaber and red hair flowing through the air this rendition of Mara is sure to please anyone who reads Expanded Universe and as well as all those who don't. Episode I also gets a nod this year not only with the Qui-Gon Jinn mini-bust, but also with Darth Maul peering out from under his dark black hood. An original trilogy Chewbacca also joins the mini-bust line.

The Episode III mini-bust line gets a boost with the addition of General Grievous sporting a blaster while hiding an ignited lightsaber behind his back. Also joining the Revenge of the Sith line will be a white clone trooper along with his Utapau and 501st brothers, each of them sporting up to 8 different arms for more pose combinations than you ever thought possible! Keep an eye out for those clones though...although we could not confirm this, there is the possibility that they will be found lurking at a convention near you sometime in August. And, speaking of exclusives...keep an eye on that holographic Qui-Gon Jinn bust.

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What is even cooler than Luke Skywalker riding his Taun Taun on Hoth? Why the next statue in the line up, of course...the Rancor and his affectionate keeper. If you have been impressed with the Gentle Giant Statue line before you'll be impressed all over again when you see the detail sculpted into the Rancor, right down to his over functioning salivary glands! There is no price set on the Rancor yet, but expect for this piece to cost around $300...much less than its worth in its weight in gold...this is a big statue! This set is the same 1/6 scale as the recently released biker scout.

Following the Rancor this year will be a rendition of the Emperor's Royal Guard wearing his bright red robes and holding his force pike in a position to remind you to beware when in his presence (unless you are Yoda, of course). Gentle Giant has taken the Clone Wars to a whole new level and in early in 2007 we will be seeing a non-animated Obi-Wan in Clone Armor. This concept is still in the design stages but when it comes to be it will be a very impressive piece. You can catch glimses of him in our gallery photos.

03-statues001 03-statues002 03-statues003 03-statues004
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Following the success of the Clone Wars animated statues Gentle Giant has broken them out of the box and will be extending the animated concept to the classic characters in the Star Wars Saga, under the title Star Wars Animated. In addition to the Roron Corobb (Hammerhead) Jedi that we saw in the Clone Wars animated series Gentle Giant will bring us animated renditions of Darth Vader, a wicked looking Boba Fett and a sultry Princess Leia with R2-D2. The animated statues are out of this world and the best description of them can only come from the images below.

04-animated001 04-animated002 04-animated003 04-animated004
04-animated005 04-animated006 04-animated007 04-animated008
04-animated009 04-animated010 04-animated011 04-animated012
04-animated013 04-animated014 04-animated015 04-animated016
04-animated017 04-animated018



If you like the bust-ups, this year will keep your collection growing as it covers many different aspects of the Saga. For starters, keep and eye out for a chase Blue Snaggletooth and holographic Ben Kenobi in the Series 6 Mos Eisley Cantina. Series 7 will feature Animated Clone bust-ups. The lineup will include General Grievous, Snowbunny Padmé, Obi-Wan in Clone Armor, Yoda, Anakin, and a Clone Trooper. The packaging will also take on a new style when the cardboard box gives way to a nice sturdy plastic "shoe box" style which adds a nice collector oriented presentation to the figures.

This year will also feature a few multi-packs such as a Luke & Han in Stormtrooper Disguise 2-pack and the long awaited for Episode II Clone Troopers that will be offered in a 4-pack similar to the Episode III Clone Trooper 4-packs that are on sale now. And yes, the Darth Vader with the flame base does exist and he will be offered up as a 2006 Convention Exclusive.

05-bustups001 05-bustups002 05-bustups003 05-bustups004
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Miscellaneous Items

Also on display was a larger than two foot tall version of the Yoda monument, as well as his life size counterpart. The life Size Yoda that was featured at the SDCC this past summer is in the works, but have no fear, it will become a reality and everyone who has pre-ordered one for their collection is still guaranteed to receive it! Speaking of last years SDCC, the Darth Vader with the light up lightsaber was a piece made specifically for the show, so unfortunately he won't be on sale to the general public any time soon. But, the chrome Darth Vader statue is still something on the drawing boards.

To cap of the day Gentle Giant featured a fantastic 2 piece bookend set that can be joined together to create a diorama...Han Solo and Greedo in the cantina so you can decide who really shot first! The price point for the set is expected to be about $100. Also on display were the Tomy helmets. However, we were informed that Gentle Giant still plans on releasing their armory collection, hopefully in 2007.

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