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LEGO Party | Indiana Jones | LEGO at Javits Center

Basic Line offerings for 2008
Anakin's Fighter | AT-AP Podwalker | AT-TE Walker | Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid
Imperial Dropship | MagnaGuard Starfighter | Rebel Scout Speeder | Republic Gunship
Rogue Shadow | V-19 Torrent

LEGO held their annual Collectors Preview Party on Saturday evening at The Westin Hotel Times Square. We met up there with Arnie and Marjorie (Star Wars Action News) and Dan Curto ( for a nice relaxing party after the crazy afternoon of information overload! LEGO showcased all of their 2008 products from Star Wars, as well as a number of other licenses, including the new Indiana Jones sets. You had to be careful though, if you looked too close at the big Indy set you might have found out what happens at the end of the movie! After the party, LEGO had an extremely cool parting gift this year: a very limited (only 100) Indiana Jones/Han Solo Transformation Chamber.

"All Three Original Films, One Legendary Game"

Also of interest, there was an X-Box 360 set up with a LEGO Indiana Jones game, incorporating the first 3 Indy movies. And, advertised on the Batman table was a LEGO Batman video game! LEGO game fans will have lots of fun this year for sure!

Take a walk through our photo gallery from our evening with LEGO...

LEGO Party

01lego001 01lego002 01lego003 01lego004

Anakin's Fighter (7669)

02anakin001 02anakin002

AT-AP Podwalker (7671)

03podwalker001 03podwalker002 03podwalker003 03podwalker004

AT-TE Walker (7675)

04attewalker001 04attewalker002 04attewalker003 04attewalker004
04attewalker005 04attewalker006 04attewalker007 04attewalker008
04attewalker009 04attewalker010 04attewalker011 04attewalker012

Hailfire Droid & Spider Droid (7670)

05hailfire001 05hailfire002 05hailfire003 05hailfire004

Imperial Dropship (7667)

06dropship001 06dropship002 06dropship003

MagnaGuard Starfighter (7673)

07manga001 07manga002 07manga003 07manga004

Rebel Scout Speeder (7668)

08rebelspeeder001 08rebelspeeder002 08rebelspeeder003

Republic Gunship (7676)

09gunship001 09gunship002 09gunship003 09gunship004
09gunship005 09gunship006 09gunship007 09gunship008

Rogue Shadow (7672)

10shadow001 10shadow002 10shadow003 10shadow004

V-19 Torrent (7674)

11torrent001 11torrent002 11torrent003 11torrent004
11torrent005 11torrent006 11torrent007 11torrent008

Indiana Jones

12indy001 12indy002 12indy003 12indy004
12indy005 12indy006 12indy007  

LEGO at Javits Center

LEGO had their usual booth at Javits Convention Center on Sunday. They displayed (in a closed showroom) all of the same items we saw at the LEGO Party on Saturday Night. Their booth was decorated with some nice full scale Star Wars & Indiana Jones LEGO statues.

13javits001 13javits002 13javits003 13javits004
13javits005 13javits006 13javits007 13javits008

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