Bounty Hunters: 4-LOM (VCP01)/Zuckuss (VCP02) (Hasbro - The Vintage Collection Exclusive) -

Name: Bounty Hunters: 4-LOM (VCP01)/Zuckuss (VCP02)

Collection: The Vintage Collection (Exclusive Figures – VCP01/VCP02)

Source: Expanded Universe (Vintage Kenner Action Figures)

Availability: April 2010 (Jedi-Con 2010 Exclusive)/August 2010 (Celebration V Exclusive)

License: Hasbro

Retail: $14.99 USD

Additional Information: When Kenner first produced the figures, the names somehow got reversed. But since these two bounty hunters were not identified in the film, the switch was not immediately noticed. When the mix-up as finally caught and corrected in 1989, Zuckuss and 4-LOM finally got their rightful identities. In this exclusive set, we are paying homage to the first appearance of these bounty hunters that puzzled so many for years, with replica of the original packaging-switched names and all!

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Figure Information:

4-LOM (VCP01)

Status: 4-LOM is a repaint with all-new soft-goods of 2009's LC Zuckuss (BD54) figure.

Accessory Details: Mer-Sonn GRS-1 snare rifle

Zuckuss (VCP02)

Status: Zuckuss is a repaint of 2007's TAC 4-LOM (No. 41) figure.

Accessory Details: BlasTech LJ-90 concussion rifle

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