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Commander Cody - ARTFX+

Name: Commander Cody
Collection: ARTFX+ Statue (Build A Figure)
Scale: 7"
Source: The Clone Wars
Availability: July 2009
License: Kotobukiya

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Kotobukiyas' latest Star Wars series focuses on The Clone Wars. Their new ARTFX (plus) Series is a new scale for Kotobukiya's Star Wars collection, and one that we are really beginning to love. Not only do we get to enjoy a nice 7" scale statue, but we also get the added "Build A Figure" gimmick. This gives us a fourth statue in each series over the course of purchasing them all that otherwise cannot be purchased individually. Series Two: Clone Troopers allows you to build a generic white clone trooper, complete with a jet pack. Commander Cody comes packaged with the basic clone trooper's right arm with rifle and lower body. Not only has Kotobukiya created a fantastic product in a new scale, but they also ensured unbelievable attention to detail. The bases interlock (complete with metal plates embedded inside the bases) and Cody comes with magnets embedded inside his feet. Cody comes with an alternate head sans helmet and an incredible paint job. Each figure can be displayed as a stand-alone statue, or they can be grouped together in a very nice diorama of sorts. The magnetic feet allow unlimited positioning anywhere across the interconnecting bases. This versatility shows that Kotobukiya is focused on making collectors happy and providing them with options. As with all of their vinyl kits, Cody comes disassembled and you will enjoy putting him together. The solid vinyl construction reduces any fears of accidental breakage as you assemble him. We can state that the design of these Kotobuliya pieces certainly alleviates some stress of collecting higher end collectibles.

Commander Cody was introduced in Revenge of the Sith and was an instant fan favorite! Not since the likes of Boba Fett has a character with limited screen time become so popular. Lucas introduced us to a brand new style of animation, and Commander Cody captures this style perfectly! In the new series, we get plenty of screen time with him sporting his phase I armor! The sharp angles in his armor and perfect scaling show us how this new style is a cross between the realistic Cody we saw in Revenge of the Sith as well as the new animated series. The likeness of Cody is perfect! The antennas on his helmet and arm are not too thick, yet just thick enough to look realistic and not risk snapping off when touched. Most of his phase I armor is your typical clone trooper armor from the chest down. Each piece of armor fits his body just right without looking out of place. We even get to see the small padded straps on the top of his shoulder armor. Even with a fantastic sculpt, Cody really "shines" with a brilliant paint application! And when we say "shine" we really mean dirty! This is just how you would expect a clone commander leading his troops into battle to look! His armor is dull, with a nice used look and feel to it. We are treated to a nice wash of grime across the entire surface, with the crevices filled with darker, almost black build-up. But best of all, his orange paint scheme is scratched and battle-damaged. It has a very random pattern of scrapes and scratches from the helmet visor down to the knee pads. Kotobukiya did not miss a beat with the paint job! Unfortunately, we feel Kotobukiya failed on one major aspect of this figure: the pose. Cody is holding his rifle in a very awkward position, as if he doesn't quite know how to hold it. Considering the size and length of a DC-15 rifle, he should have it firmly planted in his shoulder in a more natural looking state. As it stands, he has it lifted past his shoulder, almost in a floating position. The pose would have benefited much more if the stock was planted in his shoulder, or if he was holding the rifle in a gun-slinger styled hip shooting position.

Much of Commander Cody's screen time on the animated The Clone Wars is without his helmet. Kotobukiya took note of this and provided us with an excellent choice: display Cody with full armor or take off the helmet and replace it with his human head. This adds another dimension to how we can display one of our favorite clone commanders! Cody's head of course is sculpted in the style of the animated cartoon, with clean angles for the hair and facial features. And, he sports his trademark scar on the left side of his face. The stern look on his face is perfect for someone about to fire a DC-15 rifle. Cody's interconnecting bases and magnetic feet allow you to move him around with plenty of freedom. But, should you decide the base doesn't fit into your shelf design, he stands up on his own two feet just fine with little chance of falling over (save for a small shift in the Earth’s crust). The bases are each emblazoned with a logo. The smaller base has The Clone Wars logo, while the large base has the Galactic Republic’s symbol. Kotobukiya has put a lot of detailing into this series, from the exact replication of the smallest of parts to the incredible paint application. While we feel that parts of this figure are not perfect, we still feel that this figure is a must-have for this set of clone troopers! And you need him to complete their version of the “build a figure” series! We highly recommend these collectibles for your collection!

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Captain Rex - ARTFX+

Added: November 15, 2009
Category: ARTFX+
Reviewer: Chuck Paskovics
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