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Real Action Heroes

Boba Fett - Real Action Heroes

Name: Boba Fett
Type: Real Action Heroes
Number: No. 319
Source: The Empire Strikes Back
Released: 2007
License: Medicom Toy

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It’s unbelievably perplexing how well Medicom Toy is able to craft their Real Action Heroes Star Wars characters. While it’s more than fair to say that not all have been perfect, two that almost do meet this level are Jango Fett and Boba Fett. Their mastery of the Mandalorian armor is most impressive and they have expertly placed the separate armor pieces and included details like real tubing and miniature exact replicas of the weapons in his utility pockets. It's just not enough to say that Boba Fett, released just in time as a 30th anniversary collectible, is a great piece. We should all be thankful that we are getting 12” scaled figures of this quality level. It’s hard to believe we used to get excited over Hasbro’s 12” Boba Fett figures. They can’t even be compared to the incredible artwork Medicom Toy has created. And what we especially like about the Boba Fett figures (besides his Original Trilogy) ties is that Medicom made sure that every last detail would not only be faithful to the films, but to also appease collectors as well. And the best example we can think of as far as what they have done to appease fans is that Boba Fett does not have a removable helmet. Not even Hasbro can grant this wish to fans in the modern line any more (which irritates many a collector). This is a major victory since we live in the land of the clones. Thankfully you can’t take off the helmet, but if you try to look and see what’s housed under it, you will see the beginning of a chin and the lower profile. But you can’t tell if it’s a Jango head or just a generic human. We love the mystery! It harkens us back to a more special time when we didn’t have to know every last detail about those cool Star Wars figures.

Boba Fett is loaded with some remarkable and exquisite detail which should floor even the most stringent collectors. For the chest plate armor, Medicom Toy crafter thin, but strong pieces which are tightly affixed to his fabric jumpsuit. The armor is filled with battle-damaged marking and multiple washes to breathe a realistic lived-in look to Boba Fett. The paint “scratches” shows the green paint stripped away to reveal the silver underneath and it couldn’t have been executed better. The right breast plate has his trademark insignia and for the left side, Medicom painted the digital data in red. His left shoulder has the bantha skull emblem and his Wookiee scalps can be found hanging over his right shoulder. The knee armor is held close to the knee caps thanks to elastic band and they are painted in yellow and also have the standard battle-damage. Boba Fett’s boots are perfect and Medicom Toy did a great job on sculpting them. We could have asked them to do a better job. Boba Fett’s has a multilayered belt that hangs closely around his midsection and a piece of it wraps through his legs and attaches to the codpiece in the front. HIs backpack is incredible. There is also a ton of detail to appreciate here for sure. Everything looks incredibly in scale. Boba Fett has a lean and athletic body, just like Jeremy Bulloch did in Episode V and he actually looks proportionate to any standard size 12” figure, despite Medicom Toy making their figures in a slightly smaller scale. Since Sideshow Collectibles has been dragging their feet with making a 12” Boba Fett figure, this Medicom version will serve us well until that happens.

Medicom Toy however has mostly impressed us with the design of Boba Fett’s helmet. While we can’t claim 100% perfection, we think Medicom Toy has come awfully close to designing one of the most accurate 12” scale helmet of our favorite bounty hunter. (We find it very interesting that Medicom has chosen to cast Boba Fett’s armored pieces and helmet in a stronger and non-pliable plastic.) The paint job is exquisite (just like the rest of the figure) and the working rangefinder is sturdy and can stay up or down without issue. The broken stripe yellow pattern on the left side of the helmet is perfectly uniform and even and goes straight across the side of the helmet. They have constructed Boba Fett to interact with the jetpack beautifully. The jetpack hangs close to his body and remains erect and upright no matter how you decide to pose the figure. You may take this for granted, but it’s very important when separately made pieces work well with the figures for which they are designed. From the grommet that adorns the lower right side of his helmet to the exactly perfect color of his gray jumpsuit, the Medicom Boba Fett is one of the best Boba Fett high-end collectibles out there. Retailing for $149.99, it is definitely a pretty penny, but we honestly have to admit that Medicom has made this price tag very worthwhile. There are a lot of tiny pieces here and there are made with incredible accuracy and no detail was spared. We are particularly fond of the Medicom Toy Boba Fett and he serves as proof that Japan can really make some fabulous Star Wars collectibles. And his father Jango Fett is another excellent example of their quality craftsmanship. Medicom Toy definitely knows how to make fine collectibles.


Medicom Toys
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Added: January 6, 2011
Category: Real Action Heroes
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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