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Premium Format Figures

Darth Maul - Premium Format Figures

Name: Darth Maul
Number: Item #71601
Edition Size: 1000 (Exclusive) 1999 (Regular)
Scale: Premium Format Figures
Source: The Phantom Menace
Availability: June 2007
License: Sideshow Collectibles

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Darth Sidious is an unparalleled mastermind. By subtle arts and quiet maneuvering, the Sith Lord has engineered a crisis of confidence between the Republic's governing body, the Galactic Senate, and the galaxy's corporate giants. Spurred to rash action by their secret benefactor, Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray and his Neimoidian associates have blockaded the peaceful world of Naboo in order to force a resolution to the taxation issue that threatens their continued profitability.

Emboldened by their alliance with the secretive Sith Lord, the Neimoidians are unaware that they are pawns in the opening move of a much larger game being played by the hooded villain. But when the skittish aliens begin to loose their nerve and fumble the operation, Darth Sidious unleashes another of his hidden weapons, one far more dangerous and efficient - one that will not fail him.

Trained in secret as a merciless killing machine, the diabolical Darth Maul is the perfect counterpart to his Lord's subtlety. Where Darth Sidious is shadowy and elusive, his scarlet and pitch-tattooed apprentice is a vivid manifestation of Sith rage. Sharpened horns curve, scythe-like, from the skin of his shaved head and the fiery red thrumming of his double-bladed lightsaber is matched only by the blazing intensity of his venomous stare. Armed with a deadly array of weapons and sophisticated tracking equipment, the Sith hunter is dispatched by Lord Sidious to track down Naboo's errant Queen Amidala and force her to submit to the Federation's demands. That two Jedi will stand in the killer's way only spurs Maul's eagerness and fuels his determination. With death and fire, the Sith will at last reveal themselves to the Jedi!

Sometimes the exclusive accessory that Sideshow Collectibles pairs with their Premium Format figures ends up really making the figure all that much better. If they’re not updating the outfit and/or sculpt (like they did for both Luke Skywalker and Han Solo), they’re including some rather impressive accessories that make their signature work even better. Darth Maul was an inevitable choice for the Premium Format Figures Star Wars line. Actually, we’re surprised it took as long as it did for him to get announced and released. The final result is a solid collectible for your collection. And we love the Sith Probe Droid exclusive accessory (and stand) that came with him. But we truly wonder if an action pose suits Darth Maul in the Premium Format line. We think that these types of poses are best represented in the Diorama line where a lot more artistic interpretation can be executed. Don’t get us wrong because we love the Darth Maul Premium Format figure, but we would have preferred to see a little less “action” included. It is our opinion that the Premium Format Figures look best is erect and static poses, with very few exceptions. You may be of a different opinion/

Another feature we’re not so crazy about is the LED light-up lightsaber detail. We obviously don’t speak for everyone because many collectors are disappointed when electronics are not included in this line. But until Sideshow Collectibles can work more realistic lightsaber accessories into the Premium Format Figures line, we would rather them just sculpt hilts without a lit blade. (Gentle Giant Ltd.’s chrome Darth Vader statue had an amazing lightsaber light-up function. We would encourage Sideshow Collectibles to explore this route.) So you now know what we don’t like about this figure. Let us tell you what we do like. Darth Maul has a brilliant head sculpt. The painted details are flawless and we’re actually amazed by how clean all of the various lines (from thick to thin) are painted on the figure. He’s beautifully in scale with the rest of the Premium Format Figures and this is still easy to determine despite his crouched pose. The double-bladed lightsaber is awesomely drawn behind his back and his left arm and hand is up in defense mode ready to wave off and interfering Jedi with a Force push.

The clothing is well-tailored and Sideshow has incorporated various wiring into various sections to recreate flowing robes in the midst of battle. (This is a great feature since he is in an action stance. You’ll definitely want to utilize those sewn in wires.) One aspect of this piece that totally enthralls us is the stunning base. It’s an even circle, a section of the floor in the Naboo hangar. It is stunningly sculpted and has natural wear and tear yet looks shiny and polished. Darth Maul plugs into it perfectly and he snaps into place snugly so we don’t think he’ll go flying so easily if you decide to move it. And Darth Maul has correct posture when assembled on his base. The engineers at Sideshow have ensured that Darth Maul was well-balanced before signing off on the prototype. Some collectors have commented on why the Sith Probe Droid has a sandy Tatooine base because it conflicts with the Darth Maul base. Well, Sideshow is correct, the Sith Probe Droids were on Tatooine and Darth Maul (in this pose) is from Naboo. Besides, we think both pieces look great on their respective bases.

Collector Notes

Darth Maul

Status: The Premium Format 1:4 Scale Darth Maul figure captures all the menace and feline ferocity of the powerful Sith Lord. The Darth Maul figure measures over 18 inches tall, standing atop an environmental display base reminiscent of the palace hangar on Naboo. The figure is constructed of hand-cast polystone, each hand-painted to exacting standards. Every detail of Maul's costume has been reproduced in true 1:4 scale, including his detailed belt and double-bladed lightsaber. Darth Maul's lightsaber blades feature red LED light (battery-powered). The Premium Format Darth Maul figure is the most dynamic and most faithful reproduction of Maul to date - don't miss this chance to get yours! (Batteries not Included)

Announcement: The Darth Maul Premium Format Figure was announced at 2007's NY Toy Fair on February 12, 2007.

Pre-order Information: The Darth Maul Premium Format Figure went up for pre-order on February 13, 2007 for Sideshow Collectible collectors who has an online account and had purchased a Premium Format figure directly from Sideshow Collectibles at any time in the past. Qualified collectors were able to see red Darth Maul banner at the top of their online account home pages.

Articulation: None

Assembly: 3 parts

Assembly Details: environmental display base, Darth Maul body, right hand with double-bladed lightsaber

Sideshow Exclusive: Sith Probe figure

Date Stamp: 2007

UPC: 747720208513

Retail: $299.99 USD

Market Value: Click here to check the latest prices based on Click here to check the market value on eBay! listings.

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Added: May 21, 2011
Category: Premium Format Figures
Reviewer: Paul Harrison
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