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Toy Fair 2014: Your Questions To Hasbro Answered: Part II

Posted by Paul | February 18, 2014 at 10:07 AM ET

Here is Part II of our Hasbro Q and A, of which there'll be four (4) parts. Our standard opening statement: There could be misspellings, formatting issues and possibly a few other mistakes of which I will edit over time. Please enjoy as we shed some additional light on what is happening with the Hasbro Star Wars line. Click through for more!

Q: If the realistic The Clone Wars Captain Rex is released, will both his Phase I and Phase II helmets be included? This would be a great chance for Hasbro to "get it right" the first time. If you include both helmets I'll never ask for another 3 3/4 Captain Rex again!

A: Captain Rex is indeed coming in The Black Series and will come as shown in previous Hasbro presentations.

Q: Are the cancelled "Legacy Collection II" Realistic Captain Rex, A-Wing Pilot and two revealed Build-A-Droid droids in the works to be released in The Black Series or have they been forever lost to a galaxy far, far away?

A: The Captain Rex is coming in The Black Series and the rest will not be released.

Q: Disney Infinity video game figure pieces ship in solid cases of one figure, each with their own DPCI/UPC/SKU. They release 4-5 figures per Quarter. This makes it easier for retailers to track which figures are selling best and need to be reordered.Have you looked at this model to see if it would be beneficial to the SW figure line, and would you consider it?

A: This is a model that would not benefit the Star Wars brand. Stores would load up too heavily on one figure and if you think there are distribution problems now, this idea would be catastrophic.

Q: What is Hasbro's vision for releasing OT characters once Rebels and Ep VII are released? Specifically for the more obscure background characters in Jabba's Palace and the Cantina that collectors have desired for years. It seems that with the need to release core characters from the OT, PT characters, EU, and all the new characters we are looking forward to, there won't be much room for OT background characters.

A: The opposite is actually true. But the only thing Hasbro will confirm is that collectors can expect the line to turn from PT focused to OT focused with a specific concentration on Episode VI as we get closer to Episode VII.

Q: Why short pack one of the top 5 favorite characters in the 6" line? I speak of Boba Fett. It has become ridiculous how many Leias, Hans, and Greedos I have seen with not a glimpse of Boba Fett but on overpriced eBay auctions. I want to collect this line. Why wont you let me do so?

A; Hasbro realizes that Boba Fett needs another chance at retail and will hopefully work him into the line again. (Editor's Note: I did overhear a conversation from Hasbro with another media outlet about concern over the upcoming 6" Stormtrooper. While they would never release whole cases of this figure (which actually might be a great idea), they would consider 2 per case. They even acknowledged a 2 Boba Fett/2 Stormtrooper case ratio may be a good idea.)

Q: With Star Wars comics returning to Marvel in 2015 will Hasbro be celebrating this by bringing back the comic two-packs, and, if so, could Hasbro create a resealable case (like the Disney Build-a-Droid clam shell cases) to give collectors more display/storage options for these?

A: Anything additional like this will only raise the cost of action figures. Everyone wants to see lower priced action figures. In order to keep costs low, extras cannot be part of the picture.

Q: Is it theoretically possible that we get some of the last comic-pack figures (Exar Kun, Montross etc) re-released in The Black series?

A: No. With the exception of some TBS carry-forwards from The Vintage Collection, releasing older EU characters or making new ones are completely off limits per Lucasfilm. From a toy perspective only, the EU is dead for now.

Q: What is the future for TCW realistic and EU figures (in both scales)?

A: YOu won't be seeing new EU figures for some time. There will be a few The CLone Wars exceptions like Captain Rex and two yet unannounced characters from Season 6 to commemorate the 13 Lost Episodes release on Netflix.

Q: What has happened to the new re-tooled Darth Vader's TIE Fighter with new wings, new Cockpit interior/Window and body modifications that was promised two years ago?

A: There are no plans to release a retooled Darth Vader TIE fighter.

Q: Will we ever see a George Lucas action figure, maybe with a directors chair accessory?

A: No.

Q: Has Hasbro taken note of the various incredible (an in some cases, very elaborate) custom figures of Cane Adiss, and if so have those customs given Hasbro any ideas on how to tackle the character when they decide to do the figure? If they haven't seen them, they should definitely check them out (a simple Google search would do the trick) and be aware that despite his obscurity and lack of official body design there is demand for this character. If Hasbro were to have Cane Adiss in development already, how would they approach developing his anatomy, and how involved is Lucasfilm in that process? Are the Hasbro sculptors given free reign for something like this or is there a more in-depth approval process? Or does Lucasfilm themselves come up with a design for the sculptors to work with?

A: Cane Adiss is not in the works. (Editor's Note: The Hasbro rep I spoke to didn't even know who he was. Probably at this stage of the game, this size figure and all of its complexities would cost close to $30.)

Q: What is Hasbro's vision for the 6'' line and reissuing characters? In other words, as Hasbro becomes more proficient in sculpting and painting the 6'', will we see revised versions of characters reissued? Or should we generally not expect to see many reissues?

A: While Hasbro is constantly improving their products and better revisions are inevitable, that is just part of the normal process and not a special thing that is done. Figures will not be re-released in the fashion you're describing. Hasbro will keep on approaching new characters and the necessary repaints (like Sandtroopers), but the goal is to continue hitting uncharted territory.

Q: What have you done to improve local distribution? We can't give you money if we cant buy your toys.

A: Hasbro understands The Black Series wave 1 was not ideal by any means. It has been responsible for a pile up. The good news is that Hasbro has reenvisioned how figures will be released in the future, and instead of bringing forward the same old action figures, hard to find repacks from The Vintage Collection will be used going forward to pad the line.

Q: We are missing many [updates]of the Original Trilogy characters like Lobot, Garindan, Captain Antilles, The Emperor, Lando (Skiff Guard Disguise), EV9D9, Bib Fortuna, General Madine, Mon Mothma, Imperial Dignitary, General Dodonna, General Rieekan, etc… Is there any chance that you will create a fantastic update of them but with the same quality like Nien Nunb or Admiral Ackbar ?

A: Hasbro feels that some of these characters have pretty definitive updates like Garindan, Lando (Skiff Guard) and Bib Fortuna. Some of these are on tap for eventual release but it's too early to announce which ones. (Editor's Note: We think it's the Imperial Gunner.)

Q: Hasbro can you build this figures 6 " black series : gamorrean guard and tusken raider.

A: I forgot to ask this question and I really wanted to know the answer. I apologize.

Q: Do you plan on releasing a Lando in the 6" line? ...and will you be releasing more than four TBS figures at a time for greater distribution??

A: "Lando Calrissian would be a wonderful choice" is the answer I got from Hasbro. Take that as you will. TBS6 figures will come 4 per case.

Q: Could it be possible (especially for the TBS 6" line) that, in case you want to update some sculpt (saying Bespin Luke, for example), you could try as a Japanese brand (Bandai Tamashii) did for his updated faces in one action figure line: What had they done was to put in the newer outfit figure an extra head that was for the previous outfit version of the same character. So, you could packed an Ep VI Luke with two heads, one for Bespin Luke. It might work also for the 3 3/4 line.

A: If it's cost feasible to include two different head sculpt (like Hasbro did for Darth Maul), they certainly will do that, but it all comes down to costing it out.

Q: What happened to the many figures you revealed to be in the droid factory line and when/where can we expect to see them?

A: Most were released in The Black Series basic figure line and the exclusive six-pack. The remaining figures except for Captain Rex won't be coming.

Q: Will there be any more mail away exclusive products?

A: Not this year or for the foreseeable future.

Q: Can we expect to see and more "big" vehicles or has the MTT sent that scale vehicle on hiatus?

A: Nothing is on tap for 2014, but that doesn't mean nothing is on tap for 2015.

Q: The Black Series 6" Grievous, C3PO, Chewie. Any chance we will see them in the future waves?

A: Maybe. Likely. Definitely.


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