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Star Wars Celebration IV – Los Angeles, CA
by Chuck Paskovics & Peter Hauerstein
May 28, 2007
May 28th quicklinks:

Celebration IV has come to a close, the lines are gone, and everyone has made off with their 'loot'. Now it's time for our final days galleries, from different areas around the convention. Thanks everyone for tuning into our coverage, and we will do this again for Celebration V! Now, on to the final galleries...

Robot Chicken Set

Decorating the hallway by the Celebration Store was a very cool diorma set that will be featured on the upcoming Robot Chicken Star Wars special.

01robot-001 01robot-002 01robot-003 01robot-004
01robot-005 01robot-006

Lucasfilm Archives Exhibit

While not as extensive as the Lucasfilm archives of past Celebrations, there were some pretty cool props that haven't previously been on display, noteably the prototype Millennium Falcom. And, when you were done browsing the archives, on your way out you were treated with a little display featuring the actual coat prop Han Solo wore on hoth. You then got to vote on which color (brown or blue) you thought the coat was! You can read all the details on this infamous coat right here.

02archives-001 02archives-002 02archives-003 02archives-004
02archives-005 02archives-006 02archives-007 02archives-008
02archives-009 02archives-010 02archives-011 02archives-012
02archives-013 02archives-014 02archives-015 02archives-016
02archives-017 02archives-018 02archives-019 02archives-020
02archives-021 02archives-022 02archives-023 02archives-024
02archives-025 02archives-026 02archives-027 02archives-028
02archives-029 02archives-030 02archives-031 02archives-032
02archives-033 02archives-034 02archives-035 02archives-036
02archives-037 02archives-038 02archives-039 02archives-040

Celebration IV Art Show

If you are a fan of Star Wars art, then this Celebration pulled out all the stops! With 50 artists showcasing their art, and each one having a limited Celebration exclusive, you had no excuse not to be in Star Wars art heaven! From Ralph McQuarrie to Doug Chiang and everything in between, the whole famous gang was represented here! For a nice showcase of all the exclusive prints, stop by Rebelscum's Art Show Roundup.

03art-001 03art-002 03art-003 03art-004
03art-005 03art-006 03art-007 03art-008
03art-009 03art-010 03art-011 03art-012
03art-013 03art-014 03art-015 03art-016
03art-017 03art-018 03art-019 03art-020
03art-021 03art-022 03art-023 03art-024
03art-025 03art-026 03art-027 03art-028
03art-029 03art-030 03art-031 03art-032


The Topps booth had some nice game tables set up so kids could play their new Pocketmodel Collectible Card Game. They also had some sample packs to hand out. And, as usual, there were Topps promo cards available. Promo cards P1 & P3 for the upcoming 30th Anniversary Set were readily available at the Topps booth, but sly con goers who knew to ask for the 'special' P2 card got that one too. If you didn't ask for didn't get it!

04topps-001 04topps-002 04topps-003 04topps-004
04topps-005 04topps-006 04topps-007  

Nikko Home Electronics R2-D2 Webcam

On display at the Nikko Home Electronics booth was the very cool R2-D2 projector. Fans got to sit down and watch tidbids from ROTS being projected right from the little droid himself!

05webcam-001 05webcam-002 05webcam-003 05webcam-004
05webcam-005 05webcam-006 05webcam-007 05webcam-008

Lucasarts Gallery #2

The Lucasarts Booth was always hopping with activity, so we thought we'd add a few more pictures!

06lucasarts2-001 06lucasarts2-002 06lucasarts2-003 06lucasarts2-004
06lucasarts2-005 06lucasarts2-006 06lucasarts2-007 06lucasarts2-008

Gentle Giant Elvis Trooper Bust

Up for charity raffle was the very cool Elvis Trooper Bust, with Elvis Trooper himself always standing by to pose for pictures. You can tell he was proud of that little minibust! Gentle Giant announced the very happy winner today, and all those details can be found in the Gentle Giant blog right here.

07elvis-001 07elvis-002 07elvis-003 07elvis-004

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