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Star Wars Experience Star Day 4 - Paris, France
by David Guivant and Joris DeSmet

October 10, 2005
Star Day is a yearly event held in the French capital, in the good tradition of classic science-fiction and horror conventions, which means that time and again, a number of movie actors are invited for signature sessions.

On 20 October 2005, the event was up to its fourth edition and the invited Star Wars guest was none other than Dave Prowse; who portrayed Darth Vader in the Classic Trilogy.

Good JTA friend David Guivant was so kind to send in a series of photographs of the event for our viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

StarDayParis2005_01 StarDayParis2005_02 StarDayParis2005_03 StarDayParis2005_04
StarDayParis2005_05 StarDayParis2005_06 StarDayParis2005_07 StarDayParis2005_08
StarDayParis2005_09 StarDayParis2005_10 StarDayParis2005_11 StarDayParis2005_12
StarDayParis2005_13 StarDayParis2005_14 StarDayParis2005_15 StarDayParis2005_16
StarDayParis2005_18 StarDayParis2005_19 StarDayParis2005_20 StarDayParis2005_21
StarDayParis2005_22 StarDayParis2005_23 StarDayParis2005_24 StarDayParis2005_25
StarDayParis2005_26 StarDayParis2005_27 StarDayParis2005_28 StarDayParis2005_29
StarDayParis2005_30 StarDayParis2005_31 StarDayParis2005_32 StarDayParis2005_33
StarDayParis2005_34 StarDayParis2005_35 StarDayParis2005_36 StarDayParis2005_37
StarDayParis2005_38 StarDayParis2005_39 StarDayParis2005_40 StarDayParis2005_41
StarDayParis2005_42 StarDayParis2005_43 StarDayParis2005_44 StarDayParis2005_45

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