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Star Wars Experience – Star Wars L'Expo - Paris, France
by Joris De Smet

October 2005 - August 2006

Entrance | Prequel Tatooine | Naboo
Coruscant | Geonosis | Mustafar | Death Star | Hoth
Classic Tatooine | Endor | A Disturbance in the Force | Blueprints
Blue Screen | Toy Shop & Expo Exclusive

Classic Tatooine

An interesting lot of concept art sculptures at display here...I took especially as many pictures as I could get of the "Hole-in-the-head" character, as he was a design for a Guard in the Palace that eventually didn't get used. Customisers should love the details in the pictures...

While passing through a dark corridor I noticed that the shutters before the windows resembled the ones from Jabba’s Sail Barge a lot; there was even one that had some arrows in it pointing down. I peeked down to stare into a beak filled with pointy teeth. Damn! They had even excavated the Sarlacc to display it in the Expo!
111cltatooine 112cltatooine 113cltatooine 114cltatooine
115cltatooine 116cltatooine 117cltatooine 118cltatooine
119cltatooine 120cltatooine 121cltatooine 122cltatooine
123cltatooine 124cltatooine 125cltatooine 126cltatooine
127cltatooine 128cltatooine 129cltatooine 130cltatooine
131cltatooine 132cltatooine 133cltatooine 134cltatooine
135cltatooine 136cltatooine 137cltatooine 138cltatooine
139cltatooine 140cltatooine 141cltatooine 142cltatooine
143cltatooine 144cltatooine 145cltatooine 146cltatooine


Last planet in the row was the planet moon of Endor. Of course that came with all the cuddly little Ewok stuff you can imagine.

The Star Destroyer bridge that stood about a meter and a half tall was the most impressive piece here, in my humble opinion.
148endor 149endor 150endor 151endor
152endor 153endor 154endor 155endor
156endor 157endor 158endor

A Disturbance in the Force

Despite the nice setup they made a few little errors throughout the exhibition; I have no idea if it was the purpose that the real fans would find them and complain about them, but of course I passed on that honour. I have put them apart here as well...

As you can see, some Kamino artefacts slipped into the Naboo room; they confused some Utapau decors with the Geonosis ones and if you look closely you’ll see in the Classic Tatooine room that Elom and Yakface swapped tags...
159force 160force 161force 162force


A lot of Star Wars fans on JTA here seem to be architects, so I thought to do them a little favour making a couple of pictures of the blueprints that were on display as well...
164prints 165prints 166prints 167prints
168prints 169prints

Blue Screen

There was a lot to be seen, but hardly anything interactive. So it speaks for itself that the one thing that was interactive got a lot of attention, especially from the mass of kids running around. We included some pictures where my wife and I fought for our own "screen time" for your viewing pleasure...
170screen 171screen 172screen 173screen

Toy Shop and Expo Exclusive

Of course, a Star Wars exhibition wouldn’t be complete with the obligatory and inevitable toy shop at the end.

It was quite the sight to have that much Star Wars goodies on sale. Unfortunately, there was nothing but the Yoda Bobblehead pen they could sell me. The Expo exclusive couldn’t charm me either. It was a little, picture-less booklet on the topic of "Faire de la science avec Star Wars", by Roland Lehoucq. From the looks of it, Star Wars and science don’t have that much in common after all.

Much more interesting, there was a life-size LEGO Darth Vader to admire. I have encountered quite a few of these in my life time now...and I start to wonder if it’s the same one every time.
173shop 174shop 175shop

Well, that wraps it up! You have seen the Expo as if you have been there yourself! Thank you for visiting and don't forget your Guide.

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