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Disney's Star Wars Weekends – 2006
by Denton & Jackie Allen
May 19-20, 2006

Characters | Motorcade | Star Tours | Merchandise
Downtown Disney
| Epcot and the Rest

Denton and Jackie Allen made their way to the opening weekend of Disney's Star Wars Weekends event. This is their experience...

Character Meet and Greets

MGM transformed from a movie set to a whole Star Wars theme park for the weekends overnight. During our experience, there were many characters walking around greeting the younglings. Plenty of photo and autograph signing opportunities made themselves available with all your favorite Characters. Though there were lines to meet the characters and get their autographs, it was all very fun and exciting.

01-meetgreet001 01-meetgreet002 01-meetgreet003 01-meetgreet004
01-meetgreet005 01-meetgreet007 01-meetgreet008 01-meetgreet009
01-meetgreet010 01-meetgreet011 01-meetgreet012 01-meetgreet013
01-meetgreet014 01-meetgreet015

Legends of the Force: A Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade

During the Star Wars Weekends 2006, they put on a great Celebrity Motorcade that took course throughout the entire front of the park all the way through to the Star Tours Stage. The parade included great music from the Star Wars movies and awesome commentary about who was being seen. The parade included all your favorites Jedi heroes and the most hated of the Darkside. Our favorite highlight of the parade was being able to see Warrick Davis (Wicket), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Rick Mccallum (producer ep. 1, 2 and 3). What an experience, I recommend this to all fans, young and old alike.

02-motorcade001 02-motorcade002 02-motorcade003 02-motorcade004
02-motorcade005 02-motorcade007 02-motorcade008 02-motorcade009
02-motorcade010 02-motorcade011 02-motorcade012 02-motorcade013
02-motorcade014 02-motorcade015 02-motorcade016 02-motorcade017
02-motorcade018 02-motorcade019 02-motorcade020 02-motorcade021
02-motorcade022 02-motorcade023 02-motorcade024 02-motorcade025
02-motorcade026 02-motorcade027 02-motorcade028 02-motorcade029
02-motorcade030 02-motorcade031 02-motorcade032 02-motorcade033
02-motorcade035 02-motorcade036 02-motorcade037 02-motorcade038
02-motorcade039 02-motorcade040 02-motorcade041 02-motorcade042
02-motorcade043 02-motorcade045 02-motorcade046 02-motorcade047
02-motorcade049 02-motorcade050 02-motorcade051 02-motorcade053
02-motorcade054 02-motorcade055

Star Tours and Tatooine Traders

Star Tours is and always will be a fun ride to jump on. I could ride it over and over again. They give you so many fun visuals to look at while you’re waiting to board your flight to Endor, such as the giant Imperial Walker (AT-AT) terrorizing it’s way through the Ewok village. Once you depart your spacecraft, you are let out in the biggest Star Wars based store called “Tatooine Traders”. Inside Tatooine Traders there are more toys than your eyes can handle, along with Master Replicas, apparel, specialty photos, and much more.

Merchandise Madness

Upon the opening day of MGM Star Wars weekends 2006 you were able to go and get all the goodies and Limited Edition collectibles that enticed you. We had to wait in a line that started outside of the sound studio and lasted 4.5 hours to the inside of the sound studio. Once inside it was Star Wars as far as the eye can see. They had  a fan built X-wing that they let you pose with in front of a green screen for specialty photos, a huge store inside with Star Wars toys, apparel, Master Replicas, posters, videogames and so much more. The 4.5 hour line was well worth the wait. We were lucky enough to score the Jedi Mickey “Defendears of the Kingdom” statue which is limited to 600 pieces only, as well as some limited edition Star Wars Weekends pins, and some other cool items. SCORE!!!!!!!!

03-tatoinne001 03-tatoinne002 03-tatoinne003 03-tatoinne004
03-tatoinne005 03-tatoinne006 03-tatoinne007 03-tatoinne009
03-tatoinne010 03-tatoinne011 04-store001 04-store002
04-store003 04-store004 04-store005 04-store006
04-store007 04-store009 04-store010 04-store012
04-store013 04-store014 04-store015 04-store016

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is the biggest market place at Disney. We went to see what they had as far as Star Wars items and also to check out the Land of Legos. In Once Upon A Toy we stumbled across a whole entire pallet of Animated Gunships for $37 a piece. WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!! From there we strolled over to the Land of Legos and guess what we saw there? Lots of Legos…

04-store018 05-downtown001 05-downtown002 05-downtown003
05-downtown004 05-downtown005 05-downtown009 05-downtown010
05-downtown011 05-downtown013 05-downtown014 05-downtown015

Epcot Flower and Garden Festval, and the Rest...

At the same time MGM was throwing their Star Wars Weekends, Epcot had their own event going on. They held the 2006 Flower and Garden festival. It was pretty cool to experience as well. They displayed so many different flowers and plants around and really made Epcot quite vibrant and beautiful. They had all the Disney characters trimmed out all the bushes and plants throughout Epcot they even had a little butterfly tent for all to go and appreciate. It was a double whammy for us

Everything was soo much fun. We had a really great time. Probably one of the greatest vacations as a family (Denton, Jackie and Isabella) we have ever had. If you are ever in Orlando, Florida neck of the woods May-June, I would seriously recommend stopping in MGM Studios Star Wars weekends for a blast of Star Wars fun.

06-epcot001 06-epcot002 06-epcot004 06-epcot006
06-epcot007 06-epcot009 06-epcot011 06-epcot013
06-epcot014 06-epcot017 06-epcot018 06-epcot019
06-epcot020 06-epcot022 06-epcot025 06-epcot027
06-epcot028 06-epcot031 06-epcot032 06-epcot035
06-epcot037 06-epcot038 06-epcot039 06-epcot040
06-epcot042 06-epcot044 06-epcot045 07-misc001
07-misc002 07-misc005 07-misc009 07-misc013
07-misc015 07-misc018 07-misc023 07-misc026
07-misc027 07-misc028 07-misc029 07-misc030
07-misc032 07-misc037 07-misc038 07-misc041

Did you attend Star Wars Weekends in 2006? Let us know and we'll tell you how you can add your own Star Wars Experience to our 2006 Star Wars Weekends coverage!

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