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Sideshow Collectibles presented a very impressive lineup of statues, busts and 12" figures across their entire product line, and while all of it was fantastic, it was the Star Wars line that stood out above all the rest (at least that is what we believe).

12" Figures

The centerpiece of the Star Wars collection was the brand new 12" line. The entire lineup was on display from the very first figure announced, Luke Skywalker, to the recently announced Mace Windu. There are so many things that we were impressed with about this line and the face sculpts are just one of those things. As great as the images look when you head on over to Sideshow's web site, they really do no justice for how accurate the real product is. And it does not stop there...the clothing on the 12" line is second to none as Sideshow makes sure that each layer of clothing matches the perfect mix of the original studio samples and the on screen appearance.

Sideshow let us know that the Mace Windu Sideshow Exclusive will come with a Jango Fett helmet (with head inside), so be sure that you are a Newsletter subscriber and have an on-line account so you don't miss out. One hint for all of you when guessing what the future Sideshow Exclusive accessory will be keep in mind that they try to stay away from accessories that could be used by other characters (that is why Anakin did not come with Dooku's lightsaber...hint, hint?)

The next 12" will be from the Heroes of the Rebellion line and shortly after that Sideshow will reveal the next series to be could be any of the Sith Lords, Militaries of Star Wars, Galactic Rogues, the Legacy Collection, or any number of possibilites. So, don't forget to keep checking in to find out where the next branch of this line will go. And, in case you are wondering how many figures will be in each series you can expect at least 7-8 Jedi and 6 Heroes of the Rebellion (including one female...). They indicated that there are no set numbers to the amount of figures that might end up in these lines and that they will remain open ended. And, for those of you who are looking on how to pace yourself, brace for about nine 12" figures to be released each year.

01-12inch001 01-12inch002 01-12inch003 01-12inch004
01-12inch005 01-12inch006 01-12inch007 01-12inch008
01-12inch009 01-12inch010 01-12inch011 01-12inch012
01-12inch013 01-12inch014 01-12inch015 01-12inch016
01-12inch017 01-12inch018 01-12inch019 01-12inch020
01-12inch021 01-12inch022 01-12inch023 01-12inch024
01-12inch025 01-12inch026 01-12inch027 01-12inch028
01-12inch029 01-12inch030 01-12inch031 01-12inch032
01-12inch033 01-12inch034 01-12inch035 01-12inch036
01-12inch037 01-12inch038 01-12inch039 01-12inch040


Premium Format Figures

The entire Star Wars Premium Format line was shown off for all to see, from Tatooine Luke to Princess Leia. All 6 announced Premium Format statues were more than impressive. You don't need to get close to these to see how detailed they are, but once you do take a closer peek, the attention to every detail is incredible. Seen in person you can see that the true spirit of each of the characters is captured with perfection from General Grievous lurching forward with 4 lightsabers in hand and Han Solo posed in such a way the only thing that comes across your mind is 'scoundrel'. The Sideshow rep also hinted at their stepped up use of magnets like we have seen in the mynock and the 12" packaging. Look for Princess Leia to have a removable arm to give her more posability.

The most impressive of the current set are the pair of Obi-Wan and Darth Vader statues. The light-up lightsabers are a fantastic touch, but the awards go to the layering of fabrics and materials to create some of the most accurate clothing (and armor) you can find in a 1:4 statue line. There is no real clue on what the next Premium Format statue will be in the line, but Sideshow said they are aiming at releasing about 4 different characters per year.

02-premium001 02-premium002 02-premium003 02-premium004
02-premium005 02-premium006 02-premium007 02-premium008
02-premium009 02-premium010 02-premium011 02-premium012
02-premium013 02-premium014 02-premium015 02-premium016
02-premium017 02-premium018 02-premium019 02-premium020
02-premium021 02-premium022


1:1 Scale Busts

The Sideshow 1:1 Scaled Busts will focus on those cool and not always mainstream characters that can bring that extra level of uniqueness into your collection room. The busts feature a level of detail down to the tiny little pores on the characters face as can be seen when you get nice and close to Darth Maul's face...if you even dare. The Greedo sculpt does no less justice to his character with the texture of his bumpy skin, green spikes, and his trademark orange vest. There is no word yet on what the next bust will be, but keep thinking cool looking aliens and you're sure to see it soon.

03-bust001 03-bust002 03-bust003 03-bust004
03-bust005 03-bust006 03-bust007 03-bust008
03-bust009 03-bust010 03-bust011 03-bust012



One small side line that Sideshow was also displaying was the vinyl Super Deformed figures. These are actually made by Medicom and are being distributed by Sideshow to bring the costs down. Keep an eye out for these in the second quarter of this year. You can check out Sideshow's preview page for these here.

04-misc001 04-misc002 04-misc003 04-misc004
04-misc005 04-misc006


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