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Gentle Giant continues to celebrate the Star Wars saga with their own unique line of offerings for 2008.  Most of the lines are well established, and the offerings have been seen before at some point.  But with regard to new products, please take note of the fact that some of the items in our gallery are pending final approval by Lucasfilm and may change.  Gentle Giant took some questions about some hot-button issues, as well as on those lines that may not exist yet.

-BUST UPS - Gentle Giant is rethinking their approach to the Bust Ups line.  It was shown with new features last year, including a Build A Figure scheme.  However those Bust Ups never shipped.  So the fate of this line is still somewhat up in the air. As of right now, there are no new offerings for 2008.

-THE CLONE WARS - There were no offerings for this year's television series THE CLONE WARS in Gentle Giant's showroom.  However, every Lucasfilm licensee seems to be on board with this mega-media project.  Gentle Giant would not confirm any CLONE WARS products, and would only offer that any offerings would be in the development stages.  And the earliest we might see any new CLONE WARS product would be late this year or early next year.

-THE FORCE UNLEASHED - Again, this is a major Lucasfilm multimedia offering.  But again there was no presence of any FORCE UNLEASHED product to be found in the Gentle Giant showroom.  There may be a FORCE UNLEASHED release in the works for some time later in 2008.

Mini Busts

The mini-bust line is likely to have 9 or 10 releases in the course of the year.  Gentle Giant is consciously scaling back in light of just how much product was offered in 2007, the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.

Pricing has increased slightly.  Standard mini-busts are now being offered at the suggested retail price of $55 per bust.  Deluxe mini-busts which tend to have interchangeable arms will sell for $60 each.  Mini-busts which are currently in the pipeline include:
     Admiral Ackbar - IN STORES THIS MONTH (not displayed)
     Aayla Secura - IN STORES MAY/JUNE '08
     Shaak Ti - IN STORES MAY/JUNE '08
     Deluxe Tusken Raider - IN STORES MARCH/APRIL '08

01mb001 01mb002 01mb003 01mb004
01mb005 01mb006 01mb007 01mb008
01mb009 01mb010 01mb011 01mb012
01mb013 01mb014 01mb015 01mb016
01mb017 01mb018 01mb019 01mb020
01mb021 01mb022 01mb023


As a line, Gentle Giant is looking to offer 3 - 4 of these pieces per year.  They are conscious of the cost of the products and are hoping to not break the collector's banks.  Here's a rundown of what was on display:

     Darth Vader on holo-pad - IN STORES NOW
     Darth Maul with Bloodfin speeder - IN STORES THIS MONTH
     Count Dooku with Asajj Ventress - IN STORES MAY/JUNE '08
     Yoda - THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Collectors can expect a different base on this piece, and not the one seen in our photos.  A Dagobah seems the most likely candidate.  IN STORES SUMMER '08
     R2-D2 - This is one of the truly spectacular offerings in Gentle Giant's show room.  Artoo features a number of interchangeable panels and tools that can be set however you want to display them.  It makes this piece very remarkable, and much more impressive than the statue that was shown at Celebration 4.  RELEASE DATE TBD

02statues001 02statues002 02statues003 02statues004
02statues005 02statues006 02statues007 02statues008
02statues009 02statues010 02statues011 02statues012
02statues013 02statues014 02statues015 02statues016
02statues017 02statues018 02statues019 02statues020
02statues021 02statues022 02statues023 02statues024
02statues025 02statues026 02statues027 02statues028
02statues029 02statues030 02statues031 02statues032
02statues033 02statues034 02statues035 02statues036
02statues037 02statues038 02statues039 02statues040
02statues041 02statues042 02statues043 02statues044

Animated Maquettes

The animated maquette line continues with at least two new offerings for 2008.  Here's what was on display:
     Emporer Palpatine - IN STORES MAY/JUNE '08
     Darth Maul - shirtless, with lightsaber & force lightning - RELEASE DATE TBD
     Obi-Wan Kenobi - A NEW HOPE - RELEASE DATE TBD

03animated001 03animated002 03animated003 03animated004
03animated005 03animated006 03animated007 03animated008
03animated009 03animated010 03animated011 03animated012
03animated013 03animated014 03animated015 03animated016
03animated017 03animated018 03animated019 03animated020

Classics Busts

The first three waves of the Classics busts were on display in the Gentle Giant showroom.  The classic line continues to grow, and has made in impact in some mass retail outlets.  Here's what the line looks like now:

     Wave 1 - Boba Fett, TIE Fighter Pilot & Kit Fisto - IN STORES NOW
     Wave 2 - Queen Amidala, Snowtrooper & Hammerhead - IN STORES THIS MONTH
     Wave 3 - Jar Jar Binks, Ep 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi & AT-AT Driver - IN STORES SUMMER '08

04classics001 04classics002 04classics003 04classics004
04classics005 04classics006 04classics007 04classics008
04classics009 04classics010 04classics011 04classics012


The Kustomz line continues to try to push the Star Wars universe in a new, hot rodding direction.  Four pieces were on display, three of which have been previously seen.
     Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike - IN STORES NOW
     TIE Fighter Pilot in TIE Fighter - IN STORES MARCH/APRIL '08
     Darth Vader with Star Destroyer - IN STORES MAY/JUNE '08
     Jawa with Sandcrawler - IN STORES SUMMER '08

05kustomz001 05kustomz002 05kustomz003 05kustomz004
05kustomz005 05kustomz006 05kustomz007 05kustomz008
05kustomz009 05kustomz010 05kustomz011 05kustomz012
05kustomz013 05kustomz014 05kustomz015 05kustomz016


2007 was a banner year for Gentle Giant exclusives.  We are not likely to see so many exclusives offered in a single year ever again, mainly because 2007 was the 30th Anniversary year.  Exclusives will be scaled back this year to a much more manageable level for collectors.

     Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone armor mini-bust- This is set to be a Gentle Giant exclusive, offered solely through their website.  There will be a special purchase plan for customers who bought the Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone armor statue.  Complete details will be released in the next week.

     Anakin Skywalker - REVENGE OF THE SITH mini-bust -This piece depicts Anakin from the end of his duel with Count Dooku on The Invisible Hand, wielding two lightsabers.  This will be a San Diego Comic Con exclusive.

     Lieutenant Renz mini-bust - GENTLE GIANT & REBELSCUM.COM EXCLUSIVE - GG and Rebelscum have teamed up to offer this new mini-bust.  It depicts Lt. Renz who utters the infamous line "You rebel scum!".  The bust includes a voice chip with that line as well as an autographed card of the character signed by actor Barrie Holland.  According to Rebelscum, this mini-bust will be a limited edition of 2,500 pieces.  It will be offered on both Gentle Giant's and Rebelscum's websites.

     Clone Trooper Lieutenant Classics bust - 2008 Gentle Giant Premier Guild gift.  Gentle Giant seems to be poking fun at themselves here, given the extremely limited run on 2003's Clone Trooper Lieutenant mini-bust which was a summer exclusive.

     Holographic Darth Maul mini-bust - NOT PICTURED - This piece is set to be an exclusive for an event in Belgium, but is also slated to be offered through Gentle Giant's web site.

06exclusives001 06exclusives002 06exclusives003 06exclusives004
06exclusives005 06exclusives006 06exclusives007 06exclusives008
06exclusives009 06exclusives010 06exclusives011 06exclusives012
06exclusives013 06exclusives014 06exclusives015 06exclusives016
06exclusives017 06exclusives018 06exclusives019 06exclusives020
06exclusives021 06exclusives022 06exclusives023 06exclusives024

Star Wars Chess

The Star Wars Chess Set showed up at Toy Fair last year, and again at SDCC. There's still no release date, and the product (which we are now allowed to photograph) is still not finished. Although it looks like there are drawers on both sides, they are currently not functional.

07chess001 07chess002 07chess003 07chess004
07chess005 07chess006 07chess007 07chess008
07chess009 07chess010 07chess011 07chess012
07chess013 07chess014 07chess015 07chess016
07chess017 07chess018 07chess019 07chess020


Mini Helmets:
Gentle Giant seems to be picking up the torch on mini-helmets in 2008.  This license had recently been vacated by Master Replicas.  On display were the following:
     Clone Trooper - REVENGE OF THE SITH
     Clone Trooper - 501st Legion
     Clone Trooper - Shock Trooper markings
     Boba Fett

Gentle Giant is continuing to offer the Hot Toys Chubbies nesting dolls in the US.  These are something of a mass retail item, showing up in stores like FYE.  Here are some of the 2008 offerings:
     Rebel Pilots
     Princess Leia
     Clone Trooper to Stormtrooper evolution
     Boba Fett (young), Jango Fett & Boba Fett (OT)
     Luke Skywalker

08misc001 08misc002 08misc003 08misc004
08misc005 08misc006 08misc007 08misc008
08misc009 08misc010 08misc011 08misc012
08misc013 08misc014 08misc015 08misc016
08misc017 08misc018 08misc019 08misc020
08misc021 08misc022 08misc023 08misc024
08misc025 08misc026 08misc027 08misc028
08misc029 08misc030

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