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Star Wars Experience – 2006 San Diego Comic-Con International
by Peter Hauerstein and Chuck Paskovics
July 20, 2006

July 20th quicklinks:

Today is the first full day of the San Diego Comic Con and that gives us a chance to see folks like Kotobukiya and Fossil that we just could not cover in 3 hours yesterday as well as giving us more time to head back to places like Sideshow Collectibles and Gentle Giant to take extra detailed pictures of all the great new and very highly detailed collectibles that will be coming our way during the next year or so. The lines were long but everyone came ready in full con gear to see what will be in the future of collecting.

From Hasbro we have some more images of the 30th Anniversary Commemorative Collector Tins since the backs of them are as cool as the fronts and a few more close up shots of the new Unleashed packaging...Hasbro has a bunch of stuff under cover that we are dying to see, but it'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see the surprises that they have for us this year.

Kotobukiya had the Princess Leia as Jabba's Slave, Bespin Luke Skywalker and the R2-D2 with C-3PO on display and all three of the sculpts are top notch...most notably the droids with their very shiny and fantastically detailed sculpts. Look for a few more Kotobukiya 2 figure sets to come out in the next few months including a very special 2-pack the commemorate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars with, as coincidence has dealt them, will be their 30th Star Wars sculpt. We could not figure out what the pair would be, but just think Star Wars and famous scenes with out favorites and you can narrow it down to a few sets without a doubt! We have been told that the other 2-pack that we'll see before the 30th piece will be very impressive without a doubt. And finally, at long last Kotobukiya has unveiled their web site for English users and it includes the entire line of Star Wars statues...keep an eye out at for news of future releases!

LEGO was on hand and although they did not have the brand new UCS AT-ST on display they did have some very cool new LEGO dioramas to display their awesome lineup of Star Wars vehicles this year...check them all out by clicking the images below!

At Master Replicas today they had the Boba Fett blaster on display that didn't quite make it for show last night. This blaster is much larger than I had imagined it would be and the detail and weathering on it have me sold that this is the coolest blaster released by Master Replicas to date! Just take a look at the images below for a small sample at how truly impressive this piece is, and don't forget to head on over to Master Replicas web site to place an order for yours before they are long sold out.

Fossil was at the con this year to show off a number of their very popular Star Wars watches. Each watch comes in a specially designed case that matches the theme of the watch such as General Grievous, Yoda, the animated Clone Wars, Vader and a very sharp looking ladies watch with the imperial logo.

What more can be said about the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars lineup...not much as these statues, 12" figures and full scale busts and figures have such a level of detail and perfection about them that the best way to appreciate what is on tap for the next 9 months is simply to click on an image and stare at it for a while...and, don't forget to check out our exclusive interview with Scott Klauder and Corie Clayton where you can learn about where Sideshow wants to take the Star Wars collector and plenty of behind the scenes information on just how all this great stuff comes to life!

Gentle Giant slipped some product past me last night including the curious addition of Saesee Tinn and a good number of Clones to the bust-ups that represent the animated series line. Will these be chase figures or a whole additional wave? Stay tuned to find out! And just check out the Han Solo on his Tauntaun....Gentle Giant could not leave Luke out in the Hoth tundra with no hope of rescue could they?

Comic-Con Images

01misc20-001 01misc20-002 01misc20-003 01misc20-004
01misc20-005 01misc20-006 01misc20-007 01misc20-008
01misc20-009 01misc20-010 01misc20-011 01misc20-012



02hasbro20-001 02hasbro20-002 02hasbro20-003 02hasbro20-004
02hasbro20-005 02hasbro20-006 02hasbro20-007 02hasbro20-008
02hasbro20-009 02hasbro20-010 02hasbro20-011 02hasbro20-012
02hasbro20-013 02hasbro20-014 02hasbro20-015 02hasbro20-016



03koto20-001 03koto20-002 03koto20-003 03koto20-004
03koto20-005 03koto20-006 03koto20-007 03koto20-008



04lego20-001 04lego20-002 04lego20-003 04lego20-004
04lego20-005 04lego20-006 04lego20-007 04lego20-008
04lego20-009 04lego20-010 04lego20-011 04lego20-012
04lego20-013 04lego20-014


Master Replicas — Boba Fett's Blaster

05mr20-001 05mr20-002 05mr20-003 05mr20-004



06fossil20-001 06fossil20-002 06fossil20-003 06fossil20-004
06fossil20-005 06fossil20-006 06fossil20-007 06fossil20-008
06fossil20-009 06fossil20-010 06fossil20-011 06fossil20-012

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